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  1. SammyTheRat

    Planet Suggestions

    +1 about open space on a planet.. every planet have a lot of obstacles, but lot of ressources.. one planet where rovers will be an absolute need, no just a bonus for bigger haul. and buggy race too lol
  2. SammyTheRat

    Plants repop after reload..

    well, its still a problem since a long time..but like that, its first time.. a plant had pop.. right IN the extractor lolll with a gift, a tech pack, but i already have finished all research, too bad.. after moving the extractor, the plant wasnt attach to the extractor but floating in air
  3. SammyTheRat

    The item disappeared twice through the ground

    it happen often when unpacking medium storage directly on the ground, or small platforms.. under my base at arid planet, there is a kind of cemetary of medium storage.....
  4. SammyTheRat

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    was digging in a cave, then after i was going back to rover and found it like that,.. not the first time it happen, on previous version too, but first time in final version. cpu Intel i7 8700k 3.7ghz on a Asus ROG Z370 Strix board , 16gig ram , gpu geforce gtx 1080 ti
  5. SammyTheRat

    SES Vlog 029: GDC, Performance & Steering

    steering that buggy looks cool too
  6. SammyTheRat

    a Landing pad for shuttle

    i want to say first, i dont really like all the "bubble" around the base when its time to choose the landing spot! always too many ! why not printing a landing pad, with a double port for storage with automation for reloading fuel. now we can move structures around, so print the landing pad, place it, the move the vehicule bay next to it to print a shuttle. or just print a shuttle directly on it, whatever the way.
  7. hmm.. i like the platform D, with the angle, i put it behind other structures and i like the display it give . maybe a choice for the angle when we print it ! the extra large is questionable , ok good capacity but single port, or no automation possible err.. i dont use it except for the look of a big bunch of small solar array !! still not so bad when you look at it lolll the platform with 2 structure on it.. i only see one use.. for research. as its not automated at all lolll... other else, its useless to my opinion, but the idea is great .. maybe a double port for automation! or 2 i think same about the C, i only see one use for it ! my big question is the ressource cost... smaller A B have same cost but different size..ect.. need balance! or like i see on an other post, you can start with the center and add sides after with a little extra cost of ressources, this way, i could see so many use for it. platform customization is the best thing you can do .. it can also give more job for the small fabricator
  8. SammyTheRat

    large cansiters

    +1 could be nice
  9. SammyTheRat

    New rover no longer able to climb 45-degree inclines

    and need a better CONTROL..... dammit, change that control by mouse, its the worst i ever see... i cant drive and look around at same time..
  10. SammyTheRat

    large storage bug

    was printing a large storage on a platform.. it wasnt finished, i saved the game and leave for work.. back later, it finished printing , then i only see the large storage detach from platform like you see on picture...
  11. SammyTheRat

    large storage bug

    almost forgot.... ver 0.6.2, playing on steam. DxDiag.txt
  12. SammyTheRat

    large storage bug

    i started to print a large storage yesterday before going out ot work... reload the game today, and i notice that bug.. the storage didnt attach , and i cannot do much thing with it now ... need to build a winch just to move that thing out of the way .. at least its a storage, but cannot move it freely, need a winch for it... loll
  13. SammyTheRat

    "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    since this update, i lost my 2 bigger saves. not fun at all, it simply been erased by the game some mods for the tool are bugged too, like already reported by others
  14. wait! what! .. you really think a game is created in under a year... dream on sir! some game take more than 3-4 years of development.. be patient! i prefer to see devs to take their time to make a good game, without bugs.. instead of a rapid launch, loaded of bugs, like some big game company which i wont name here
  15. SammyTheRat

    Three New Module Ideas (Artwork Included)

    very nice ideas +1