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  1. SammyTheRat

    small battery glitch, what do you think? its LOL

    lol sry, if you reload the game, small battery reappear.. lolll!!!
  2. well, like this youtuber show on his video, you can glitch small battery to get easy ressources! LOL !!! i fill up my personnal reserve!! hehe !! and you, what have you done with it? surely they will fix it soon! btw, dont put back small battery getting shred on any storage, then go do something else, it will bug the slots where you put them, my big storage is doom hehe!!
  3. SammyTheRat

    crane attachment bug

    forgot to mention, i tested it on a base platform but its buggy on both vehicule and base
  4. SammyTheRat

    crane attachment bug

    easy to reproduce, and its just a little bit annoying. was messing around with the battery glitch on the large schredder, then notice something with the crane attachment. i wanted to change the drill, then i notice, when removing anything on crane head attachment, ( objects need to use the 2 dots for bug), then just drop it or put it somewhere, you cannot run or jump anymore, until you carry or move an other object. little video!AtZ4qkJdZXO1lTyYCbp9Gdq7Fqn8 DxDiag.txt
  5. SammyTheRat

    so many bugs, ill play later

    forgot to tell, as we dont have a maker for rovers, i need to keep a beacon on every rover, but as soon as i save then reload, the beacon just get "off" so if i forgot to reactivate it, well, i may lost where was my rover... hmm, easy to get lost... sry, too much!
  6. SammyTheRat

    so many bugs, ill play later

    well, as i said in title, i still like the game, but too many bugs right now! few more weeks on focusing on bug hunting wasnt a luxury, but a must! rover bug, invisible holes, (or kind or "void holes") suicidal slide, well, my character, as soon as the terrain is steep, even if there is a canyon ahead, i was just walking slow, slide!!! jumping high for "X" reason... diying for nothing, or stupid reason!!! well, its king of annoying for now... plz dev , take time to fix that! for now, i surrender, too much annoyed, you killed me!! ill try later, in few month! good luck!
  7. SammyTheRat

    Large Rover bug

    i got that kind of bug too.. on tractor and large rover.. still havent try medium lol.. its like the first one wont move, then after messing around disconnecting and digging around , its the last one who got the bug.. very very anoying, even restart the game wont fix, unlike the tractor, most of time, if i save then reload, it fix it.
  8. SammyTheRat - Steam - Tethers not working

    +1 same happen to me, on steam
  9. loll ya that rover have a big engine under the hood.. and it can climb mountains like a goat... well, a drunk goat, but still, pretty fun hehe
  10. SammyTheRat

    power bug

    hi, i got the power bug, like before, could reproduce, i put all files on google drive with a short video, link below. it happen at 3:08 , before it happen all was ok, ..once i started the foundry, then connect the tractor via the extension to the base, the bug happen shortly after , following the sun i was on Desolo
  11. SammyTheRat

    So is this getting released at some point?

    had to uninstall then reinstall for me to get 1.03.. now its working
  12. SammyTheRat

    So is this getting released at some point?

    not for me sadly
  13. SammyTheRat

    Planet Suggestions

    +1 about open space on a planet.. every planet have a lot of obstacles, but lot of ressources.. one planet where rovers will be an absolute need, no just a bonus for bigger haul. and buggy race too lol
  14. SammyTheRat

    Plants repop after reload..

    well, its still a problem since a long time..but like that, its first time.. a plant had pop.. right IN the extractor lolll with a gift, a tech pack, but i already have finished all research, too bad.. after moving the extractor, the plant wasnt attach to the extractor but floating in air
  15. SammyTheRat

    The item disappeared twice through the ground

    it happen often when unpacking medium storage directly on the ground, or small platforms.. under my base at arid planet, there is a kind of cemetary of medium storage.....