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  1. I can understand why, but the problem is new players (most of them) are not aware about the gameplay, and the actual tutorial is not effective; it's not teaching them, in-game, the basic instructions or system structures of the game. And that is a big issue because if you want to have many players on Astroneer, you need to let them appreciate the game, and talk about it (on social, on steam, to their relatives) in a positive way. If the tutorial is broken, if the newbies don't understand anything, they won't be pleased and they won't talk about Astroneer in a good way, saying " it's too complicated" and "I dont know how to do this and that. So a good and efficient Tutorial is crucial for Astroneer. Not all newbies are going to SES forum to ask how the game is working. And then, they have a bad opinion about the game, and they're spreading that opinion trought comments and posts on Internet. We need a good tutorial, a one veteran players can skip and, with a "reward" at the end in order to push the newbies to do it (like the fact for example to have canisters and tethers unlocked at the end of the tutorial). @Wyvyrias I think you should see that topic.
  2. Compass Marker for Hab

    It could be an idea but what about the possibility to get lost? It's part of the game atm, and it can create a good situation when you need to build all again until you find your base again. But In my opinion, this is a good idea.
  3. This topic is interesting because when I tried to show the game to my GF (she's a NERD as well) , she's was also extremely confused about the tutorial - game start ; we can't know what they (the new players) are feeling, but actually, the tutorial is not so well-suited for them ; moreover, an other topic was talking about problems to launch the game tutorial when you haven''t any composite deposit near your first base. I think we should think about a new way to develop a little tutorial to explain some things that veteran players don't need : like for example an explanation, in-game, about the print-system, about the building-system, and about the research system. Some things are here, but, its not perfect and can lead to a bad-feeling about the game for new players.
  4. Introduce Yourself - Megathread

    So Far, Astroneer is the only Game under development I'm helping, using the forum to help, expressing my opinion about the game and reporting bugs. This project is a world of possibilities and the community is nice: it's a good "brainstorming" place for the SES staff and I think the discussion on this forum is usefull to them. I have other 55 hours of gaming so far, and I'm here since the last year. I'm French, so I beg your pardon if there is any mistakes on my posts (sure there are).
  5. Please make storms power turbines

    The wind system is not so efficient at the moment in my opinion. Locking turbines in case of storms is relevant and realistic. But I don't understand how to mass producing power with turbines, even if there is wind (and not too strong like during storms). A improvement is needed i think.
  6. SES Vlog 028: Splitters & Space Kamehamehas

    this device will be extremely usefull, especially to mesure your power production .
  7. First Person View

    difficult to implement, not sure it is the "Astroneer spirit" to have a FPS. improve the view inside crash sites could be the solution.
  8. spaceships floating

    it's a bug. report it using the example report topic. and if you want to go inside your shuttle again, use the tool and create a ramp between the ground and the shuttle, unable to permit you to jump in.
  9. Space ships

    It could be cool but a end game equipment then. High research cost, and high resources quantity to produce it. It should need also a platform to launch it from the ground, so I don't think it will be implemented soon. Nice idea in my opinion. I agree with you, it's a problem and this could be a solution.
  10. Make sure to report precisely, using the example report topic.
  11. If I've understood everything, It's a bug. Report in the bug section using the example bug report topic to help you.
  12. Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    Why people think the mineral extractor is too OP? Important Research cost , we could say even more is necessary but. Yeah. Just that. 8 canisters= 1 rare resource It's not a way to mass producing rare resources so... I not agree with that point of view. The first version was OP. ATM its a way of producing some resources when needed and also use soil when you have too much of it.
  13. Vehicle Brakeing System

    Improve the efficiency and handiness of rovers is scheduled for the 1.0 release if I remember. In any case, this idea is a good one.
  14. WEIRD sounds in caves

    I think this is the sound of nearby organic threats. The sound is one of the bubble-like plant who's spit some toxic gas I guess.