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  1. jehhe098

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    Really nice game you got here. Can't wait for some more updates to the game
  2. jehhe098


    Agreed! The system right now is not so good.
  3. jehhe098

    Has the new update helped?

    Fps became a lot more stable in the experimental build for me. Very Nice
  4. That´s something i will try out, Nice!
  5. jehhe098

    More Tech Required for Full Release

    To be able to research a better mining tool would be good in late-game.
  6. jehhe098

    Tether disconnect itself

    I have the same problem too. But the tether far away still works when it´s disconnected near my base.
  7. jehhe098

    Customizable Astroneer!

    They have placed it on their roadmap so it´s propably to be expected. (At least different suits, would be awesome with some other customizable stuff)
  8. jehhe098

    New Vehicle : Hoverbike

    Would be nice! Althoug it should be a little bit more expenisve to make if i hovers. You dont have to bump into every rock on the planet then
  9. jehhe098

    Research Tree?

    Would be awesome!
  10. jehhe098

    Hunger and farming system

    Check out their roadmap. Hunger and farming is something that is going to be added later