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  1. yes that's awesome ! I have seen this vlog already, but they had not announced it yet when i posted this thread.
  2. yeah, this game has a very big potential. Everything is possible !! But devs have, for now, a lot of things to do. But I am sure that in the future they will add more and more features. Take a look at the roadmap (on the forum) to see everything is coming.
  3. you say the gameplay is slower, but you can make multiple research chambers with many different items to research. And when your research chamber has reach the full power rate, power goes in the other modules (if you have enough power sources)
  4. I am quite sure you are thinking about this but i would really love to see some modules, that you can put on the ground as advanced bases. And you could go inside them. Just like in the very first artworks (i put some pics). It would be awesome to have little prefabricated type bases. what do you think about it ?
  5. i read the frequently asked features and I didn't see what I was thinking about, even if it is not a huge deal but, it would be very, very cool if there were another module named space shuttle platform or something, made only for the spaceship, so it would not go on the vehicle bay. I love this game and when i see everything that is already said as "we know this, we are going to make it", i am soooo excited. I can't wait new updates , this game has so much potential. I love it, continue system era ???
  6. i agree with you, that would be a great thing
  7. yes i am on xbox too. And splitscreen is very fun. But i don't know about the performances, if it is possible