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  1. First thoughts on the Excavation update: It took a little while to get used to the new way of doing things; once I got it into my head that canisters and a Mineral Extractor are central to it, the rest followed on pretty naturally. Those are the first things to make. I now keep four canisters on the backpack, which when filled are enough to completely fill the reservoir on the extractor (that's important to know when making lithium or titanium, for example, because making just one of these takes a full reservoir). The other thing to note is that when building up material with the terrain
  2. With 180 pages of suggestions, these might well have already been mentioned... but anyway: 1 - I'd like a map of the planet I'm on, showing my current position and the locations of all my active habitats. If it also showed beacon locations and colours, that would be a big plus (plus seeing where your corpse is, when you get killed). Maybe the map could show surface features (mountains, canyons, etc.) starting off blank and filling in as you explore the planet. 2 - Maybe there could be "mission" (quest) items - something that you find that contains a clue that starts off a chain of ta
  3. This happened to me... but I was able to get myself out. I noticed that there was some text behind my character -- mostly obscured by the habitat but by changing angles I figured out that it said something about shaping terrain, which got me wondering if the problem was caused by entering the habitat with the terrain tool out. So I tried a couple of things, and this worked: Load the game Hit TAB. Oh, dear, I'm stuck. Tap 'E' once to toggle the terrain tool. Hit TAB to re-enter the hab and save the game. Hit ESC and exit the game. Go back in and reload t