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    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    I haven't played this game for a while but am thrilled by how far it has gone by now. Reading about: You talk about aggresive flora. Last time I checked the Roadmap new flora was mentioned together with new fauna. Do we have any update on fauna?
  2. silverhammer92

    Funny bugs - share your "wtf-moments"

    @Indomitus1973 yeah, gravity doesn't seem to work as it should ;-) love the pic with the steam vent :-)
  3. silverhammer92

    Funny bugs - share your "wtf-moments"

    Lol.. :-)
  4. Hello Astronauts, After +/- 30 hours of playing, I have come across various bugs in the game - and some of them are fun... I am sure the same happened to you... share with us those funny moments ;-) Let me start with my "wtf-moment": Yesterday I crafted a large shuttle on top of a "roof-base" I created earlier. I loaded the shuttle with all kind of stuff, solar panel, aluminum, habitat, rosin, etc. It was ready to start, but before launching I spent another 2 hours exploring a cave. When I came back, the whole shuttle was missing. I searched all my bases but it was gone. (not funny yet...) Today I have played a lot of Astroneer (5 hours), just as I wanted to go to bed I looked back to my base and guess what I found... Right, the shuttle. Can you find it in the picture?
  5. silverhammer92

    Screenshots Megathread

    I created a cave to colect all the different satelites in the game. Did id because I was afraid they fly away... now they are hovering around in the base and I like that :-)
  6. silverhammer92

    Feedback after 10 hours playing on XBOX One

    Interesting... When I (ingame).go on the highest mountain around my base, I can see a base far away from mine. I somehow hoped that this is my base I startet at my girlfriends home. But hence I could not load my savefile at my gf house and the one I startet there at my home, i did not think that would be it. Still seems strange to me..
  7. silverhammer92

    Feedback after 10 hours playing on XBOX One

    Thanks for the replies. I kept playing for at least another 10 hours and got around the carring problem (finally). ^^ I might give another feedback if i gather enough point to make a thread like this viable again. But I am currently on vacation and want to dive deeper into the game first... I appreciate that you appreciate it. :-) P.s. still love it. A part of me wants the vacation to be over soon - lol.
  8. Dear developers, dear moderators. @SES_Adam, @SES_Zabir In the login screen of Astroneer you say, that this is a Pre-alpha of the game and that you would appreciate some feedback in the forum. Well, I like the game so here is my feedback for you. Before I tell you how I felt during my 10 hours (11 if you count the demo) in the beautiful world of Astroneer, let me introduce myself. Table of Feedback: Description of the game Publicity Forum The Demo The Game Story & Immersion Exploration Controls Multiplayer Saving game files Conclusion 1: Description of the game. 2: Info’s & Publicity 3: Forum 4: The Demo 5: The Game 5.1: Story & Immersion 5.2: Exploration 5.3: Controls 5.4: Multiplayer 6: Saving game files 7: Conclusion PLEASE NOTE: As I stated above, I only spent a few hours in this game and I love the exploration aspect. So if I got something wrong here or did not realize some mechanics yet, please do NOT teach me better. I want to find out by myself. I will open other threads in this forum. Expect there is a way to save game files on console. If so, please let me know. I might have done a few typos. If you find any, keep it. Feedback after 10 hours (give or take) of playing on my XBOX One. Date: 24th May 2017 Pre-alpha build: 0.3.10158.0