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  1. WestNomad

    The great truck in the sky

    i like the reference in the title. Clever monkey
  2. lol, didn't know that was a thing.
  3. i am aware, just that there's no video attached so that people got to see the issue first hand.
  4. So i just figured i might as well record this little instance (mind the music, i didn't think to turn it off before the clip was half way), also, the truck was never seen again after a sandstorm came before i was able to retrieve it. RIP resources.
  5. WestNomad

    crash et fps trés bas

    well, then it's been done incorrectly. There should be no sound in the game considering the command line eliminates this completely. Check again if you have written this, exactly as i write it now: -nosound Write that and click "OK".
  6. WestNomad

    Biggest Truck

    ^ I agree with this. It's stupid to add new content when the vehicles we already have is like an eel on crack to drive.
  7. WestNomad

    Has the new update helped?

    lol, i run the exact same specs, but good that it fixed some issues for you.
  8. So i woke up this morning at 7 am, checked the forums just in case i got some new replies before i jumped out of bed. Came to see that the reputation feature, and the possibility to like posts and topics had disappeared from the face of the earth. Not that i really liked it to begin with as it adds more of a competition than a general purpose. Even so, i felt i could achieve a goal with something like the reputation system and so on. Would just like to know why the administrators of the forums decided to remove it. Also, the text "reputation" is still showing on other people's posts when they post, except it's just blank. Would be appreciated to have it removed entirely as it fucks with my OCD hard
  9. WestNomad

    Craftsmanship extraordinarily well executed.

    why thank you! I wasn't aware of this!
  10. WestNomad

    Purchasing Astroneer Without Steam?

    Steam is more or less something i consider a must have. It's just convenient.
  11. WestNomad

    Configuration to improve FPS

    don't fret over it, many people are experiencing major fps setbacks with no apparent reason. I have faith in the devs and their ability to locate the issue and fix it. So don't feel infuriated by it, it's eventually gonna be fixed
  12. WestNomad

    Purchasing Astroneer Without Steam?

    Unfortunately as far as my knowledge extends you must launch the game through either the windows store or steam. Is downloading the windows store an option for you?
  13. WestNomad

    Configuration to improve FPS

    well, they do look similiar. EDIT; the command lines in this topic reminds me of the .ini files in bethesda games.
  14. WestNomad

    Purchasing Astroneer Without Steam?

    Could i ask why you don't want to use steam for this? I'm not too sure where else to buy it, i'm afraid if windows store is out if the equation as well i don't have any other options really.
  15. WestNomad

    Configuration to improve FPS

    hm, i'm not really familiar with UE3 nor UE4, simply quessing my way forward as i learn.