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  1. It has been TWO MONTHS since this game was released and v1.0.15.0 STILL CRASHES DURING THE ENDING SEQUENCE!!! The audio is also still out of sync during the ending animation.
  2. JimBearUSA

    [] - [Xbox] - [Crash during ending]

    I am convinced the devs have never played their own game on Xbox. If they did, they would fix it.
  3. JimBearUSA

    Patch 1.0.15 - April 11, 2019

    SES_joe, what about Xbox??? What about the low frame rate on Xbox STILL? What about the fact the game cannot be completed because it crashes EVERY TIME during the ending animation?
  4. JimBearUSA

    Patch 1.0.15 - April 11, 2019

    On Xbox, the game still crashes during the ending sequence and the frame rate is still very low.
  5. This game was released TWO MONTHS ago, but you still cannot complete it on Xbox because it crashes EVERY TIME during the ending animation. Also, the animation and audio are out of sync.
  6. I just tried and the game STILL CRASHES.
  7. JimBearUSA - Steam - Audio channels reversed.

    It has been this way for me on Xbox since the initial 1.0 release.
  8. JimBearUSA

    Patch notes - 4/4/19?

    Actually, I have been. And I have reported errors. And I have been ignored.
  9. JimBearUSA

    Shuttle Glitch ( (PC)

    I have had that happen once with v1.0.13.0.
  10. JimBearUSA

    Patch notes - 4/4/19?

    The REALLY need to hire someone who understand proper communication. There should be ONE SOURCE OF TRUE (IMO, this forum) and all other forms of social media (Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Reddit, etc.) should point there. The lack of participation and communication in their own forums is incredibly insulting to paying customers.
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    How about fixing all of the crashes on Xbox, especially the one that prevents us from FINISHING THE GAME?!!!
  12. JimBearUSA

    Junk platforms are usable. So they're not junk

    I was just joking, hence the "LOL". I don't think it fits into the current Astroneer world.
  13. JimBearUSA

    Using two opposing one-way power cables...

    LOL, that is interesting. I have only tried one direction or the other.
  14. JimBearUSA

    Why Is There Wreckage Found Everywhere?

    If you have completed the game, which is currently IMPOSSIBLE on Xbox because the game crashes EVERY TIME, you know what finding a dead Astroneer really means.
  15. JimBearUSA

    Junk platforms are usable. So they're not junk

    It is too bad we don't have a Subnautica style Repair Tool, LOL.
  16. My guess is by no resources, they mean unique or rare resources only found there. Also, the long day/night cycle and low wind makes power generation more difficult or less reliable. Finally, the terrain can be extremely difficult to traverse. It sounds as though you thought ahead and brought what you needed, which is smart. If you had arrived with nothing prepared, it would have been "difficult" to produce the items you needed. Enjoy the game!
  17. JimBearUSA

    1.0.8-Xbox-Game crashes on save.

    When you long press the Xbox button on your controller, you should see the "What do you want to do?" prompt and the "Turn console off", "Turn controller off", and "Restart console" options. At the bottom, you should see "Close" and "Report a problem". If you select "Report a problem", you should be able to select "Add new problem", "Games", "Astroneer", and then fill in the Summary and Description for your complaint, followed by "Done".
  18. JimBearUSA

    1.0.8-Xbox-Game crashes on save.

    That is a good point.
  19. JimBearUSA

    1.0.8-Xbox-Game crashes on save.

    Even with v1.0.13.0, the game crashes on Xbox: During "save" when entering a vehicle or building (this is especially bad on Glacio and Atrox) While playing for an hour or two During the ending (you literally CANNOT FINISH THE GAME ON XBOX) My advice is to build a rover seat and save very frequently.
  20. JimBearUSA

    1.0.8-Xbox-Game crashes on save.

    That seems reasonable to me.
  21. Another crash while saving. Why is this still not eliminated?
  22. I just had ANOTHER CRASH ON SAVE and lost TWO HOURS OF WORK! I am beyond angry and sick of this "game" not having a reliable save game system. FIX YOUR GAME SO I CAN SAVE MY PROGRESS!!!
  23. Hopefully this will help someone else. After the game crashed 4 or 5 times, I gave up and created a Rover Seat and would do ONE THING and then save. I was able to eventually get everything built that I was doing when the game kept crashing. After that, the game became more stable and I could go longer periods without saving (5-15 minutes).
  24. Trying to play v1.0.13.0 is still a virtual slideshow. The framerate is still far too low for enjoyable gameplay.