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  1. Hopefully this will help someone else. After the game crashed 4 or 5 times, I gave up and created a Rover Seat and would do ONE THING and then save. I was able to eventually get everything built that I was doing when the game kept crashing. After that, the game became more stable and I could go longer periods without saving (5-15 minutes).
  2. While running on Desolo, the game froze completely. I waited a few minutes and pressed all buttons on the controller, but nothing helped. I had to use the Xbox button to close the app.
  3. JimBearUSA

    [] - [Xbox] - [VERY Low Framerate]

    My previous "solar system", a.k.a. save, still runs like a slideshow. I started a new game and it is better, but I wonder if it will have the same problem once I have the same number of objects and locations built.
  4. I just had ANOTHER CRASH ON SAVE and lost TWO HOURS OF WORK! I am beyond angry and sick of this "game" not having a reliable save game system. FIX YOUR GAME SO I CAN SAVE MY PROGRESS!!!
  5. I just had a drill mod fall through the terrain to the cavern below. I eventually found it, but this is ridiculous.
  6. JimBearUSA

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    Same here. This game literally gives me a migraine headache. I have to stop and take a pill.
  7. I have also experienced this issue. Twice now I was collecting resources and when the backpack was full and a resource node popped off, it disappeared into the terrain.
  8. Even with v1.0.13.0 I have observed objects falling through the terrain (just like they did during pre-release). If you place an object (such as a resource item) on terrain that has a cavern or empty space below it, there is still a chance that the object will fall through the terrain into the cavern below.
  9. JimBearUSA

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    v1.0.13.0 still crashes during the ending animation (right after the drop pod launches). I am also not seeing any FPS improvement in my existing saved same. Please focus on the crashes on Xbox (enter vehicle or structure, saving, tunneling to core, the ending, etc.)!
  10. Trying to play v1.0.13.0 is still a virtual slideshow. The framerate is still far too low for enjoyable gameplay.
  11. I just tried to complete the game with v1.0.13.0 and it crashes in the same spot (right after the drop pod is launched).
  12. JimBearUSA

    XBOX one game crash 1.0.9

    Yet little to nothing from the devs acknowledging the problem and stating they are working to correct it.
  13. JimBearUSA

    AutoTether v1.0 Download

    I find it quite annoying that the tether placement button on the controller is DOWN on the D-Pad. So you are pushing the left stick UP as you run forward and then have to release it and press DOWN on the D-Pad to drop a tether. Of course, when you release the left stick, you STOP MOVING FORWARD. This arrangement does not allow you to run and drop tethers (unless you have long enough thumbs to reach over with the right one to push DOWN on the D-Pad). The only way I have found to be able to run and drop tethers using a controller is to put the tethers in an active slot and use the appropriate bumper button to drop a tether as I run. Of course, this means when this batch of tethers runs out, I stop dropping tethers despite having more in my backpack. Also, that is one less active slot for other things like the work light, oxygen generator, etc.
  14. JimBearUSA

    Dead batteries kill (Xbox controller)

    Yes, this is annoying and it will get your astroneer killed.