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  1. Hello, I was playing multiplayer with my friends, and once one of them (the host) tried to use a rover, it spazzed out and launched so far, none of the planets were visible, and the texture was fully stretched and mangled, we shut down the server and restarted the game, but he was not able to pick up items, only point at them. The other people in the server could pick up items, but is there a solution? We have a LOT of progress on the server, and we are all bummed to lose it.
  2. That is a great idea, and I would totally set those up around my underground cave base to give the place some more light.
  3. I was mining astronium today and I thought of a use for it. Basically, for two resin you can add a platform to your base. This platform is researchable and will be named "Nuclear Reactor" or something like that. It will look similar to the fuel condenser, but it will have two small cooling towers and a place to input your astronium. Once you input your astronium, the reactor will output power for 5 - 10 minutes. If your batteries are full and all items in the base are charged the reactor will stop so that way you don't waste your rare astronium. When the reactor is activated the cooling towers
  4. ****NOTICE**** I reloaded the game after a few times today and the items now appear. Thanks for trying to help though.
  5. This bug has also occurred on multiple multiplayer saves.
  6. I can print stuff in the backpack but not in the printer or vehicle bay. I researched storage, both 3-seats, and a few other items I cannot remember, but only the 1-seat shows up. Very annoying.
  7. I have been playing Astroneer (Steam version, keyboard and mouse) with a friend of mine for a few hours and I researched a few essential items but we are unable to print them. Only the defualt 1-Seat shows up along with one other item (drill head) that is printable, and in the vehicle bay only a seat is printable. This bug may only be for multiplayer, and it makes the game unplayable. I really do not want to lose my save because my base is good and the surrounding area is perfect, please help!