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  1. AstroneerExplorer

    Shield Generators

    This sounds like a great idea. And I hope they implement it with the different upcoming hazardous weather changes.
  2. I love this game so mucn and it has so much potential. Thank you guys for your hardwork. Keep up the good work and I will continue suggesting my crazy ideas.
  3. AstroneerExplorer

    Ground scatter request.

    For the issue with your rover flipping over due to crashing with rocks, someone suggested the idea of crafting the Bulldozer upgrade. This would be place in front of your vehicle and it would move or destroy the rocks.
  4. AstroneerExplorer

    New Base Upgrades : (3) Resin!

    This could be a new rare research called Base Upgrade 3. With this third base upgrade, you will be able to craft much larger stuff. Such as a whole building, inustrial machines, or even industrial vehicles. Two of those new upgrades would be a the Industrial Printer and the Industrial Vehicle Bay (these would have to be researched as well). Two of the vehicles the Industrial Vehicle Bay will let you craft is the Hauler and the Large Transporter. The Hauler : Crafted using 8 titanium. The Hauler is 75% slower than other vehicles but it has incredible hauling power. It is 2-3 times larger than the Truck and it has 2X the slots. It has twice the amount of energy as well. On the Hauler there will also be a new vehicle upgrade. (Also a rare research).This Upgrade is the Industrial Crane. Now let me move on to the Industrial Printer in order to connect things up. In the Industrial Printer, with new researchable recipes, you will be able to craft : The Magnet, The Indistrial Drill, The Vehicle Garage, Housed in Storage modules, Farming Modules, Industrial Water Tanks (this goes along with the water mechanic that I suggested previously which I forgot to mention regular water tanks), Large food silos etc. In order to move these modules you will first have to craft the Magnet. With this you will be able to place it on the Industrial Crane. Once you have crafted your Hauler with the Industrial Crane and your Magnet. You will have to craft the Large Transporter. This will also be crafted with (8) Titanium. Now that you have crafted everything and you have hooked up your Large Transporter to your Hauler, you will be able to pick up the modules you have crafted in the Industrial Printer, place them on the Large Transporter and transport them anywhere you want and place them in the world. With the Industrial Crane, you will also be able to transport your shuttle, your spaceship, your rovers, your hoverbikes (as previously mentioned) and even the modules of your main base. In order to give variety to the recipes I will add a post in which I suggest new ores or materials that should be added. -Thank you for lending your attention. (Please give feedback. Good? Bad? etc.)
  5. AstroneerExplorer

    New Vehicle : Hoverbike

    This vehicle is crafted of course in the vehicle bay using (2) composite. This vehicle is an alternative to the rover or truck. This bike only has one slot. You can either equip an energy providor or a power bank. This bike would look very similar to the ones that come out in Star Wars. The purpose and benefits of this bike is that its much cheaper, it uses much less energy, and it is much faster, allowing you to explore more. And it has a built in oxygen system. The down side is that it only has one storage slot and it does not offer protection against sandstorm. (You can be either knocked off or blow away with the bike) -Thank you (And I would pleased to have some feedback. Good? Bad? etc.)
  6. AstroneerExplorer

    New Element: Hydrogen

    This new element would change a couple recipes of some current items, add new machines and implement a new game mechanic. Change off recipes: - Tanks built by Composite - Filters built by Composite (or Resin to add another purpose to Resin) New Machines : Gas Vacuum : Sucks up gaseous chemicals from the air. This could either be a handheld device which extracts chemicals from the air by look up in the sky and left clicking or pressing RT on the controller. This extracts the chemicals and puts them in the Tanks you built out of composite. This would be built in the Printer by using (2) composite. The alternate, more advanced and efficient version of this would be the Gas Extractor (A new base module). In this module you can place tanks on the slots and turn it on to extract the gas from the air. This would then fill up all the tanks. And of course this would also have to be powered. The recipe for this module could be (1) Hydrozen and (1) Aluminum. To mix it up a bit Next- The filters would be used to extract a particular gas. In this case you would be extracting the Hydrogen from the chemical mixture. The other chemicals would then be released into the air and now you have a tank filled with hydrogen. The alternate method for this would be using a new module called the Chemical Separator. With this module you would place then tanks on the slots, select the chemical you want to extract and turn on the machine. This would then produce more hydrogen tanks. The recipe for this module would use (1) Copper (1) Aluminum Lastly. The player would then extract some oxygen into a tank in order to begin the process. In this final process you would need a new module called the Chemical Infuser. In this machine, you place the tanks on opposite sides. (Hydrogen and Oxygen) You then turn on the infuser and boom you have just processed (1) tank of Water. This machine would be created by using (2) Composite. It would be this cheap since there is no alternate method of infusing chemicals. Doing all of this would add a whole new game mechanic and new possibilites. Since it is a bit difficult to do all this within the first day, the player begins with a safe haven of 4 nights (or maybe more) in order to gather the materials in order to begin producing your own water. The player could begin with a supply of 2 tanks of water. Each tank could be used twice until drained. The period until complete Dehydration last atleast two nights. During this time, the indicators that would show your player is becoming dehydrated will be: - At 50% you will get a message pop up with a water icon and your player will stop and put his hand on his head indicating that his head is beginning to hurt. -At 25% you will get another message pop up in red with the water icon and your player speed will be reduced by 50%. During this stage your character animation will change and he or she will have a droopy walk. -At 0% the stage of your character will become critical and your screen will begin to display worsening mirage, or a tunneling in of the screen. At this stage if your character is not re-hydrated he or she will past out and die. -Thank you for lending your attention
  7. AstroneerExplorer

    Component Lock (Xbox One)

    Due to the way the camera and cursor is operated with the cursor, implementing a component lock will be very helpful for the player in order to avoid picking up the wrong components. Ex. Lets say I'm trying to create a 1-seat on the printer and I'm trying to place the compound on the left slot. On the left slot of the machine I also have a solar panel to power up the machine. I'm struggling to put the compound in the machine because everytime I try to pick it up, it picks up the solar panel instead, or it even snaps towards the other side and grabs the other panel. With the component lock, you could set down a solar panel or whatever component it may be and a lock button will display in the air. Upon locking, the component, the lock button will turn grey and it will display that its locked. It will be sealed in its place and it will be unable to be messed with. If you want to remove the lock, you simply hover the cursor on the lock and hold RT for 5 seconds (or 3). This will the remove the lock and change the display color back to orange indicating that you have removed the lock. -Thank you for you time.