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  1. Yet another release and yet another disappointment and frustration. I used to like the game, but not any more. Now I am waiting for next release, hoping the game will become more fun to play again, but I am being disappointed again and again. Let me list things I dislike about the new release. Large rover: Compared to the previous one, it is huge, it is slow, it has virtually no energy capacity, so it is useless without one or 2 batteries. When you get off from it, it jerks and flips over. Controls: Control scheme is a mess in my view. Why everything is done through E key ? What happened to Tab ? What is the difference between Q and E ? Also, I likes the previous control philosophy, where the module displayed its menu and you click virtual buttons and then the "go" button. It was intuitive and quick. What we have now is annoying and it forces you through multiple clicks to do simple operations like start researching that item you just mounted on the research module. Power management: I liked the old power management schema when the modules charged, worked and charged again. It was simple and intuitive and in fact cool to watch. New power management adds new useless dimension to the game, in my opinion. New design: It looks like the team got themselves a new designer. It may be my personal taste, but I do not like new design. Older one was cooler. But regardless of whether I like it or not, mixing 2 designs together does not add that quality feeling to the game. New rovers looks schematic, Lego-like and quite ugly. So do those platforms and those thin flat worm-like cables. Having said that, I like the fact that the cables can be connected and disconnected manually. New base: It is huge, ugly, it sits in the middle of the base. In general, it feels like the development team does not have a clear goal to deliver high quality product, but instead is having fun trying new things and fixing what's not broken just because "look how cool it is". Instead of changing things without necessity, they should be focusing on improving the quality of the game while keeping it simple and intuitive. I will be waiting for next release..
  2. Igor M

    Trade platform stuck in malachite

    It's Windows. I am not sure what else would be relevant.
  3. My trade platform is stuck on Malachite and it would not let me choose anything else. It does not show the arrows.
  4. Igor M

    How do I launch the shuttle ?

    Where and when did they say it was an exploit, not an intended feature ?
  5. Igor M

    Can't launch Shuttle.

    Ditto. The wiki page about Shuttle clearly says that if you put a large storage on it, you have to launch with a habitat.
  6. I have researched enclosed 1-seat, but it does not appear in the printer menu. It does show in the vehicle bay menu, but it is shown as pink and does not show the "start building" button.
  7. Igor M

    How do I launch the shuttle ?

    I do not think it is a bug. The wiki page about Shuttle clearly says that if you attach a large storage to a shuttle, you must use a habitat to launch the shuttle.
  8. Igor M

    How do I launch the shuttle ?

    I thought so. That is why I was trying to build the enclosed seat, but that does not work either.
  9. Igor M

    How do I launch the shuttle ?

    Ok, but then why I can not build the enclosed seat ? I already blew up the shuttle with the dynamite and built another one. Same thing. This is very buggy release...
  10. How do I launch the shuttle in ? I added large storage and then put a habitat module on it. When I enter the habitat with E, I see the launch button, but it does not react to mouse hover or click. Also, I have a free double slot on the big storage mounted on the shuttle, but my vehicle bay would not let me build enclosed seat there. The silhouette of the seat appears over the available slot, but it is pink and the "start building" button never appears. Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong ?
  11. Igor M

    Research Update thoughts

    I agree with what was said in the original post 100%. This research update made the research more controllable, but much more boring and tedious. Now the game in the early stages shifted from exploration to hunting for energy to feed those hungry research stations. I used to love the early stages of the game. Not any more. Plus, to start researching the item, now you have to make 3 clicks instead of one. What was the purpose of that ? Just to prolong playing time ? In general, my observation is that this game has a lot of great potential, but the team is focusing on making the game more realistic instead of making it more fun. As the result, the game becomes more difficult to play and the fantasy aspect of it gets shadowed by boring details. Several suggestions of possible improvements: 1. If you insist on making the research process process even more tedious, at least simplify the procedures. Get rid of this 3-click control of the research module and get back to the old one-click control. 2. Make all the modules smarter. For research module: when the research of an item is over, make it automatically switch to the next research item if it is mounted onto the side of the module. Same for things like fuel condenser: make it switch to the next empty canister mounted on the module once the previous canister is full. 3. Add keyboard shortcut for camera control. I run the game on Macbook, there is no mouse and no right click there. The way Bootcamp emulates right-click is horrible. I think it would be very easy for the game to interpret, say, Alt pressed while mouse moves same way as right mouse button press and hold.
  12. Since the time I remember playing this game, during the storm, some resource stacks become weightless and float in the air. When is this going to be fixed ?
  13. Since patch 221, fuel condenser no longer automatically switches to next empty canister after filling first one
  14. Igor M

    "Patch 196" - July 21st, 2017

    I agree that nobody should insult anyone, especially the developers of this promising game. But having paid $20 for being an alpha-tester, I am not sure I find word "must" is appropriate here.