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  1. you can unpin this, @SES_Jacob. Were on 2.111!
  2. macalango

    Astroneer or "Game of fuels" Season 1?

    SHPS - Annoying edit button that disappears
  3. macalango

    Astroneer or "Game of fuels" Season 1?

    @Nasedo Bitch, please Introducing... S.H.S - SEMIAUTOMATIC HYDRACINE PRODUCTION SYSTEM Go to the extreme lateral side of a planet you want And choose a base distant from horizon like this one. There the sun never sets and batteries are useless (for the base, not for underground exploration, of course). Full and uninterrupted power! Total efficiency! (Youll know that youre in the right side of the planet when the band of stars are horizontal like above. And... Well... ...The sun never sets!) With the resin, copper and aluminium that you brought, do how many trade and fuel c. you want. Put all the fuel condensers on a line, side by side, on flat ground or slope like this: To harvest / auto-store the done hydracine in the most efficient way, put the camera in this angle: That way you can quadruple/quintuple click fast as fuck the orange buttons and prepare an almost simultaneous wave of 4 or 5 hydracine at a time. Wait to it fullfil the power. And talking about power... One solar panel for each fuel c. We don't wanna not even a second of delay in the power supply! I said TOTAL efficiency, baby! When the power is back (all at once) just quadruple/quintuple click again and repeat the process ad infinitum! Just make sure you have enough storage, 'cause you'll be making Hydracine even faster than before 2.111 patch!
  4. macalango

    Astroneer or "Game of fuels" Season 1?

    not really angry, I just curse very fucking much sorry for that, dude And YEA! Creative mode would be awesome. For me the game was on creative mode, now its just grinding. But okay, I've spend so fucking much time punching trees and rocks on RUST that I've got used to it. But pleeeease System Era, don't grind the fuck out of ASTRONEER, it supposed to be a smooth chill out game, I don't want to WORK (like it used to be on RUST) for ASTRONEER, I want to play it!
  5. macalango

    Astroneer or "Game of fuels" Season 1?

    I'm doing that! Fuck exploration, I'M A BUILDER! I make stuff and really don't want waste time searching for 2 compounds stuck deep in the ground when I can easily buy 8 at a time on the Trade plat. Its how it works for me and it's how I like it! Those changes was pushed by those "PLIS NERF IRELIA" kind of dudes who don't get ASTRONEER. Astroneer its a goddam' chill out SANDBOX. If I want to build, I'll build! If I want explore, I'll do it, I have the freedom! So sounds really idiot if Im not that explorer type of guy I've have to be penalised for not being what I don't wanna be. But okay, it only make me triple my trade/fuel plataforms to keep everything working properly and I'm okay with those dumb changes. I just expect that System Era knows cases where companies was swallowed up by its own community. Nuff said.
  6. installing beta build right now
  7. YEP, I KNOW MY ENGLISH SUCKS. Not sorry about that. Not my native language and all ive learned was from videogames, films and music. And im pretty proud of it, never did english lessons - not that Ive not wanted - but still can talk -poorly - and understand people, so... Yes, really proud of my english :D

  8. thats really pissing me out. the game is unplayable! and although they had answer me via email, they didnt make any oficial announcement of making that fix a priority Instead they had patched the tether bug, which drop the FPS. But a low FPS still better than NOT FPS AT ALL! Thats our problem! We really want to play and they didnt answered us about this
  9. Well... I think youll have problems either way cause even players with badass specs are having performance issues 'till it got patched But hey, thats what we expect from an Early Access game, right? With that Radeon and 8GB RAM I dont think your rig is the problem.
  10. Hi there, @Devi. Just seeing your settings I think is possible to run the game, but if you want to be sure of it, you can test your rig in diagnosis websites like can you run it? Test here > ASTRONEER on CYRI
  11. macalango

    Forum Theme?

    Hi there @Ethik! If you check the bottom of the forum page you can see that it was aparently custom build by the Invision Power Services company, so I dont think it's a free forum theme. But it really looks cute, don't it?
  12. macalango

    Wiki contributors discussion

    I was thinking to screenshot the fuck out of the game to feed those wiki articles, but my game has the 1-30min freeze fatal bug, making this task painful But I agree that a strong wiki is an awesome way to make the game grow Let's do this! (and about the wiki errors: I agree with you, but the point of having a wiki is that anyone can organize it and make it better. what do you think to do those little fixes in it? )
  13. macalango

    Forum Request

    Hi there, System Era. Im not saying thats annoying, Im just saying that you cant make an awesome game with an cute community players and make me like just 10 stuffs a day. I LIKE EVERYONE HERE! Maybe when you have time, give us more likes, aye?