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  1. The ones I read are all great ideas. Storage lockers. Vehicle ramps for inside the planets/caves, for driving from lvl to lvl. Maybe a specialised vehicle that can hold a lot of material or have multiple trailers for inside the planets. Smooth tunnel walls and flooring, could be learnt as we learn things now or acquired later in the game. Floor/wall lighting. A self containing base at some point would be great. A MAP for not getting lost, been lost for ages, didn't like it
  2. My truck and everything on it launched it's self into space...................It is just floating around.
  3. Two Bases bugged out, Do the DEVS read these posts? I started playing and had or did have a nice base and I am also STUCK in my capsule. If they read this plz make a DEATH HOT KEY with a timer on it. I know this is PRE ALPHA but this is where you make or break reviews and ultimately your bottom dollar. My second base is also bugged with my first rover having a seat on it I then build another rover and tried to put storage on it only to have that storage go onto and cover the seat in the first rover no Idea how or why that happened but then I thought I'd put a seat on the second rover