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  1. What I want to know is if they didn't like the trading of hydrazine via the condenser, then why did they leave the unlimited compound and resin spots in the map?
  2. SQUARE Necron

    Using the inhibitor

    I recently started using the inhibitor to mine out resin and compound, and I was curious if anyone did any research to see if you leave behind a notable amount of materials or not without any mods on it. I'm sure it all depends on the chunk of material your mining out of but any advice is helpful thanks.
  3. SQUARE Necron

    Can't seem to research storage

    I'm still waiting for large storage. I feel your pain.
  4. SQUARE Necron

    Looking For Players Megathread

    Platform(s): xbox Location: USA east coast Language(s): English Microphone: Yes Looking for: 1+ Can play from: mon-thur 6-9p.m. eastern. Fri-sun anytime Can host: yes, but I don't have to Comment: looking to start a new world and build to epic sizes.
  5. Pretty sure this intended but exploitable. The small towers with minable resources auto fill Everytime you load in. Park a vehicle by them and unlimited resin, compound etc. I'm on xbox
  6. SQUARE Necron

    Drill not working

    Same issue. Can't drill anything.
  7. SQUARE Necron

    Customization Xbox Controls

    Honestly I think what would fix the xbox controls for me is if you are carrying something, like research materials, your cursor was locked to be in front of your character. You could still move it up and down, but moving it side to side turned your character and screen as well. Not just the item.