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  1. One of the things missing from the game is the ability to hook up small rovers to large ones. If you're creating a caravan or a mobile base, it becomes impossible to bring the tiny, efficient buggy. A good way to counter this would to be adding a trailer module, taking up 8 slots (half a large rover's top) that has a foldable ramp. You would be able to secure vehicles on top of this, especially the small rover. It could also be placed on a base module, creating a "service platform" or garage to hold vehicles and keep them from moving!
  2. Introducing the brand new, self-sustaining way of oxygen production: the tether! The new, improved, and overall better tether! One a day is all you need! Pre-order yours now, starting at $999! (This is just a visual bug btw)
  3. I guess the RF/LP (Rover Flight/Levitation Program) is still a thing then. Maybe next update.
  4. Lights, heavier rovers, AND removed multiplayer crashes?!?! This is a dream come true! By the way, wind vanes and solar panels (small) have a different appearance to guests in multiplayer. Is this intentional? And if so, could those textures be ported to Singleplayer? Thanks!
  5. It kind of does make sense, because those slots are your gadget slots, and the only think on your backpack (or Astroneer for that matter) is the Deform Tool, and it would pull power from the backpack. It would actually be slightly more efficient considering that it could draw power straight from the battery instead of having to go through the backpack.
  6. The fact that you renamed the rover/truck to medium/large rover makes me think a small one is coming... Maybe a quad bike/motorbike.
  7. If you are still having problems, I would recommend making sure you have enough disk space allocated/available for the game.
  8. I know of no ways of getting back a lost save, but I would recommend getting in a vehicle or habitat before logging off, as this force-saves the game (and creates the Lag Spike of Doom!).
  9. UPDATE: I GOT THE WINCH!!!!!! It was in one of the yellow, cube-shaped rocks, which I am 100% sure I have researched before. Now I will attempt to research the Wide Mod. I still have plenty of artificial research objects. P.S.: Will the solar array (crashed) ever have realistic physics? P.P.S.: When will the hit boxes of rocks be fixed?
  10. Thank you for the heads up. I usually have horrible luck, but I found about four artificial objects (and three marbles) in the caves of Barren. I will prioritize those. As for the others, does anyone know the probability of getting new research out of an old object? (e.g. the red spheres with hair-like roots sticking out of them)
  11. So, I have been to every planer, and opened every research object...and am still missing the Wide Mod, Power Cells, and Winch. I have unlocked everything else, and the last 45 research objects have given me filters, organic, and similar junk. Is there a specific type of research object that I should be focusing on? Or is it just horrible luck on my part?
  12. If I am copying anyone's post it is inadvertently; I came up with this idea by myself, but it is easy to see how others might have had a similar idea.
  13. Forgot to mention this, but it would NOT protect you from storms.
  14. Something that is incredibly annoying in Astroneer is how big and awkward the vehicles are. If you have two bases that are separated by a hilly terrain, then you have to use a rover or a truck to traverse between them quickly, and the hills will cause them to flip. This gave me the idea of the Quad Bike! The Quad Bike would move as fast as a rover, but would be much smaller. It could fit one Astroneer and would have one small attachment point, meant for power. It would store 8 bars (32 units) of power internally, and would use 1 unit of power every 2 seconds. It would have no heavy cable attac