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  1. This problem with resolution is finally fixed in latest update. Thank you devs! Love you! Edit: Oh no, it was fixed partially, I still need to change resolution for changes to take effect.
  2. Nikita Shustov

    "197 - Hotfix" - July 28th, 2017

    When I finally get a fix for my 4K display. I still can't change resolution and cannot play the game WTF
  3. Nikita Shustov

    "Patch 196" - July 21st, 2017

    When I finally get a patch with fixed resolution options in Windows 10 Store version. I can't change the resolution on my 4K display in options now
  4. I hope you'll find a solution because I want to play this game but I can't. This game is awesome!
  5. I think Windows 10 version has a different path to GameUserSettings.ini. I can't find "Astro" directory.
  6. I also have a bug on my high-DPI display 2736x1824 when I go to the menu the only option to change resolution in graphics options is the native resolution 2736x1824 but I want to set lower resolution because my PC can't run this game with high-res. The game just don't let me change resolution. I'm on Windows 10 version.
  7. Nikita Shustov


    I have Surface Pro 4 and it's not quite a desktop PC that can handle 1080p graphics in games. I want to set resolution to the lower one but this bug is still not fixed in latest Astroneer patch I have system scale at 200%.
  8. I'm playing Astroneer on my Surface Pro 4 device with Intel i5, 8gb RAM and I can't configure the resolution setting. It is always stays at native and I cannot change it. Please fix this bug, I want to play this game.