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  1. Hello there here's the bug me and my friend found: 1) The central Base generates quite infinite oxygen lines and after a bit, the amount becomes so insane that makes you lag. A LOT. (see screenshot) NB Possible solution while this gets fixed: replace the module that has the oxygen lines, at least this work for us. 2)My friend (he's the host because he has fiber) apparently after a random time, can interact with anything, basically constricting us to start a new world. first with the open seat, then basically with anything from his inventory to the resources on the modules, while I can interact perfectly with everything. 3) last but not least, plants don't blow up nor get down by gravity after a dynamite has blown up
  2. Lord Reaper IV

    How to build and deal with these rocks

  3. Lord Reaper IV

    How to build and deal with these rocks

    the inibithor one?
  4. Lord Reaper IV

    How to build and deal with these rocks

    well, that's a good point by the way the only augment i ofund is the "little" and the "big", wich are the others?
  5. So guys, i get started to play Astroneer with friends, and i find very usefoul build roads due to the "un-driveability" of rover but especially trucks (come on man, it seems that the wheels are on ice ) BUT i can't get a clean and flat ramp and road (i know that isn't very much a problem but man, i'm a perfectionist), ALSO the real problem are the rocks, BIG ROCKS, that magically apperas or fall down from the sky and sit on the beautifoul and clean road that i've just made (that's make me sick)... any tips do deal with those please?