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  1. enderman

    Have a car error

    Hi, I'm here to say this in the car, when I'm going to put the normal energy (without being solar or wind), it does not give energy !!! I hope you can correct that. Sorry, something is wrong, I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translator.
  2. enderman

    Different main menu

    Hi, I have a great idea! And if we change the main menu, think, when you start the game, is already going directly to the screen where you choose who to play or which file you will play! Could create a better main menu with options, new game, loading saved games and others, could also put in options to decrease the volume of music and game. Sorry if something is wrong, I'm Brazilian and I'm using the google translator.
  3. enderman

    Colorful blocks

    Thank you
  4. enderman

    Colorful blocks

    Thanks for replying to me, and sorry I did not know the astroneer already had, could you tell me where I can see the latest updates on astroneer?
  5. enderman

    Colorful blocks

    Hello, I will stop talking about the magma, but now I will say something about the decorations of the game. Well, I'm saying in putting colorful blocks to be made of infeite that neither in Minecraft, where the blocks are used to make paintings. Only it would be better, like the lamps in Fallout 4. (Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I'm using google translate)
  6. enderman

    Physics of magma and other things

    Look, I do not want a simple red burning solo, I'm saying you could put a place that hurts the player with a reddish color but a little greyish, and that you could not pick up with the simple tool but with an improvement In addition, it is clear that from that point a new ore could arise. Sorry if something is wrong I'm typing in google translate.
  7. Well, I know I'm talking a lot here about magma, but I say it because I have some great ideas for it. Well, I know the magma could not be something connected, so I'm telling you that you could put solid solids like ordinary ground, but in deep caverns. Is to dig you could put an item to the main tool of the game.
  8. enderman

    Magma and other related things

    It is true, you could use a terrain and not something liquid to be the magma, but of course, if you can put it as something, magma could also be on the list of ideas. As it says here in Brazil: hope is the last that dies. (In case something is wrong excuse)
  9. Well, at one time I had already talked about the idea of having magma in the astroneer, so now I'm going to tell you about things that could have on the magma and ideas related to it. I'm going to start with the fact that the magma could stay in deep places, like deep caves and others. Another thing is that there could be a specific mineral inside it, and that for handle it needed a special clothing or a special weapon. (Sorry if something is spelled wrong, because I'm using google translator and I'm Brazilian)
  10. Hi, I think you could create more equipment for the backpack since I count the solar panels as equipment. You could put wings that use the energy that is in the lot, so it would be better than the normal fuel as the ship. (Sorry if something is spelled wrong because I'm using google translate)
  11. enderman

    Planets with water and magma

    Thank you for answering me.
  12. I think planets with water and magma (or lava) could be good, since with water you could put fish or other water animals and the lava (or magma) could be underground or in volcanoes maybe. (Sorry if something is spelled wrong because I'm Brazilian and I'm writing in google translate)
  13. enderman

    small helicopter

    This is good, it would be great to have a small helicopter in the astronner, however and when we want something big to pick up like remains of spaceships and others.