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  1. When playing Astroneer, mainly with friends, my terrain tool ignores my power, it says "no power" with the flashing red light but my terrain tool can still dig and, if i have soil, build. this is a very useful bug but makes the game easier and not as fun.I hope you fix this bug in future.
  2. My idea is to be able to sleep in your pod until morning, it would not be a requirement to sleep but just so you can skip the night so that your base can charge up from solar panels. Sure wind turbines can power your base both day and night but it is occasional, this way you don't ave to wait until morning when you can sleep and only wait afew seconds. In multiplayer, when one person sleeps and the other does not, it would still turn to morning.
  3. I sometimes play with my friend and, while trying to get recourses, he finds he is running out of oxygen and runs back to base. He gets right by it and then suffocates. My idea is to be able to have a tether which links to you and your friends so you share oxygen. So when your friend comes running, gasping for air, you can do something about it and help them!
  4. Will spend more time on my ideas in the future
  5. Thank you for all of the nice comments and suggestions, I will make sure to take them into consideration in the future.
  6. this sounds like such a great idea but what would the build cost be and how much of the resource would you need? if it were that big you should need alot.
  7. how would this work on console? on a computer, there are many keys for emotes but on consoles, such as an xbox, you only have few buttons. it is a great idea and would be great in game
  8. BTW I have not realised how many suggestions the jetpack has had
  9. My idea is to add more customisation so that you can customise your vehicle colour in the vehicle bay with one compound and can change at any point and patterns or unique designs are two compound and must be researched. I think this would be a cool little feature which would make the game more colourful and make your vehicle more unique too. Also, not only would you be able to customise the colour of your car but the colour of your astronaut too. You would be able to change the colour of the details (stripes)
  10. I do like the idea of an oxygen dome but I think it should not block out storms because it should challange you and push your vehicles away and send loose objects flying away, the dome would prevent that and make the game not as fun and much easier.
  11. I have always enjoyed the cruel dust storms on many planets but what if there were different a wider variety of weather? My idea is to add more types of weather to make the game a little bit harder. This could include tornados, earthquakes, occasional rain and snow and, if they add water, floods. I think this would make the game slightly more immersive.