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  1. That's really strange. It's a stretch, but it could be that you have a virus or something. I'm glad you got the tutorial working! That's a start If you don't have any anti-virus software, I would try Malwarebytes. https://www.malwarebytes.com It's free and it works great! Plus every once in a while it'll let you have premium access which is nice. But even without it, it's a great program. Good luck K4RR4S!
  2. Butchy250

    problems with flatten terrain around home base

    Yeah, it's pretty stingy. I added the terrain on the non-tarmac* side, and since is slightly above the level of how it's originally placed, I think that's what sort of "fixes" it. I don't think I've been able to pick up the tarmac in previous updates, so this was really exciting to discover. I should have known that it would have the same properties as it has been for as long as it's been around; unmovable. But that's ok, now I have a really cool hole in my base! Seriously, I could display a zebra ball or something in there. And I am 100% on the side of creativity, and I do think that terrain analyzers shouldn't be so expensive. This is a sandbox game (as of now), as stated by the developers, and players should have easy access to those creative tools! I'm currently using them to try and make a giant fire-elmo (I know it's weird, but it's an inside joke with one of my friends so might as well make a shrine for it lol. Sorry if it terrifies anyone). I'll post it in the artwork thread if I manage to pull it off. *I had no idea it was called tarmac, that's really cool!
  3. Butchy250

    Spaceship won't Launch after adding storage

    Thank you guys for sharing your playstyles, I always like to hear how other people play the game. It's super interesting! I personally like to play the "legit" way, as do you guys, and the main reason I use the little "exploit" is to bring back as many research pods as I can. I find that collecting a bunch of bytes is pretty satisfying, especially if it allows me to research everything in the game. I'm not much of a completionist, but this is relatively simple to do and I enjoy it. I agree that Arid is a big pain, but I've recently come to like Radiated. It's my go-to for obtaining copper and aluminum, and in my most recent save, I saw an outcrop of astronium on the surface! I think because it's a smaller planet, everything is a bit more condensed and easy to find. Plus, all you have to worry about is storms! As for multiple bases on different planets, I think it's a cool idea but I've only really been able to do it once, and that was back when the building wasn't all that easy. I suppose now that building is easier, multiple bases should be easier as well, but I don't necessarily see a point for it
  4. Butchy250

    Spaceship won't Launch after adding storage

    Yep. Still works. I was able to launch to and from planets with the enclosed seat attached to one of the storage modules
  5. Butchy250

    problems with flatten terrain around home base

    Hey guys! So I've recently come up with a solution to this issue for now. After you start making new ground outside of the base area, you can build it up a little more using the add terrain function. I've also discovered that you can use the terrain analyzer to actually pick up the base color. But, once you put it down, there's no way you can remove it. That's why you can see the weird holes in the screenshot. Hope this helps!
  6. Butchy250

    Spaceship won't Launch after adding storage

    That and metaphoric asteroids
  7. Hey no problem And sorry that didn't work, worth a try though. I would suggest right clicking Astroneer in your steam library, go to properties, local files, and click "verify integrity of game files". Steam will then scan the files and see if there's an issue. By going through this route, you also have the ability to mess around with your local files. I know you've uninstalled and reinstalled it before, but maybe try doing that again, this time making sure all the folders and stuff are gone (you may have already done this previously, but I'm saying it just to be sure). Hope you find a solution! If not, I can safely rely on the dev team to fix it by it's release date
  8. Butchy250

    problems with flatten terrain around home base

    I've noticed this in my game too. Yours seems a little more exaggerated, but as bigessess said, it seems as though it depends on how the terrain is around the base.
  9. Do you select the fullscreen mode option when you launch the game? Maybe that has something to do with it?
  10. Butchy250

    Spaceship won't Launch after adding storage

    Yes you need an enclosed seat. I guess they figured you can't exactly go to space without some enclosure since it's space lol
  11. I'm having the same issue. Hopefully the devs will fix this in their next update. Also, I've been playing since the old base building method too! Good times
  12. Butchy250

    Unforgiving Tutorial

    Apologies, I didn't realize there was no mentioning of how to turn the generator on and off.
  13. Butchy250

    Disappearing Vehicles

    Experienced the same thing. Also, the rovers don't have their usual beacon symbol when you walk away from them
  14. Butchy250

    Smelter ingot bug

    I have the same problem. It also sometimes drops the bars on the ground instead of the available storage slots.
  15. Butchy250

    Unforgiving Tutorial

    It might be best to restart the tutorial over again and try not to make the same mistake.