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  1. Personally if I was going to tweak this; 1. Vehicles would have built in oxygen storage, like they do with power. 2. Vehicles automatically generate oxygen on planets with atmospheres using power (imagine some filtration system). They do not generate oxygen on planets like barren.
  2. Since players can already telepathically lift up items, it might make more sense to have a gravity gun. We already have a terrain deformation tool, and a gravity gun could aesthetically work well along with it. - Makes more sense than telepathic powers - Could allow for players to grab and throw objects, would allow for more interesting creature and player interaction. (Knocking over friends in co-op could be fun). - Allow for players to push/pull large objects like fallen trees, instead of having to do that with their body. - Physics are fun, throwing stuff around in hi
  3. My suggestion would be to make a building that you can enter, like the habitat, and it will zoom out and give you the space view of your current planet. It should also require that you launch a satellite, and also let you switch between multiple satellites. If you want to get extra fancy, allow the satellite to place a beacon from space, or put a marker on the character roll over compass.
  4. Once they add in water, I'd love to see magma, lava, acid, and other liquids in rivers, lakes, oceans, under ground variations, etc.
  5. There's not going to be a 1.0 feature list because this game is so early in development. If it was in more of a beta stage, maybe that would be possible. The game at this point is really open ended, and the directions they could go in are a bit too numerous, the developers are going to have to experiment and see what sticks.
  6. I was hoping for something like the sun blew up, or hyper-accelerated global warming, or massive meteorite, and the astroneers were a last ditch effort to seed the galaxy with human life. But aliens works too.
  7. There's crashed satellites and probes referencing real world spacecrafts, so It's pretty safe to assume these are human astronauts. Although that doesn't really explain how the hubble telescope ended up on an alien planet outside of our solar system.
  8. I'd love to see farms and biodomes as a source of oxygen, organics, maybe even for teraforming a planet, and a process for turning organics into coal.
  9. Make sure your computer meets the minimum spec requirements.
  10. So you know more about developing video games than 6 experienced developers that have worked at EA, Ubisoft, Valve, id Software, Oculus, Epic Games, and 343 Industries? Okay then.
  11. Setup a base on every planet. Mine to the core of the planet. Build to the max ceiling height. Build a rover race track. Find some of the rare and hidden items and resources deep in caves. Build giant slides and ramps. Make a terraform project visible from space. Sculpt giant sculptures, I've seen dinosaurs that look amazing. It's a giant sandbox, make your own fun.
  12. What about if the habitat and vehicles have built in oxygen filtration. That way on the starting planet, nothing changes. But if you are on a planet or moon without oxygen, you have to either bring oxygen or gather it through methods like mining ice for water and using power to separate oxygen through electrolysis.
  13. Dedicated servers are on the roadmap.
  14. The real core is where gravity gets funky. There are chunks of materials you are not able to mine with anything but the drill.