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  1. I am a big believer in practical learning, to work out how things work by doing. But being new to Astroneer and have to say, the lack of item/gadget/mod description is frustrating. It has probably been suggested already, but being new to the game and these forums, I wanted to put this out there. Even if items crafted could have a description to explain their use such as Terrain Tool Mods, this would go a long way into making the game more immersive rather than having to leave the game to Google what a newly research item is and how to use it. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi, first off I only started playing/streaming Astroneer yesterday but already and sadly to report, have a list of issues I have encountered since then. 1) Crashes - After just 1hr of play the game will hard crash to X1 Dashboard. Normally the symptoms just before this happens is the draw distance and world generation becomes slow to being mere ft infront of me, worse if in a vehicle. 2) Tether Lines causing frame rate/game slow down - Starts just fine, instantly placing a tether but nearing 2hr mark or large amount of lines setup and the game will struggle to place new ones, even taken two seconds to plant one with the game stuttering or freezing during that time 3) Buggy Use - I have often fallen straight through the floor if flipped out of a buggy during a crash. 4) Spare Energy Block on Buggy Not Working - Have found shoud my Astroneer respawn or continuing from a save game, any spare energy block on the buggy will not work once back in the buggy. 5) Crashes; Once they start they wont stop - Streamed the game on my Twitch channel on BH Monday for nearly two hours before game starting to crash, 4 times in third hour. Even after ending the stream that game save would suffer frequent crashes forcing me to restart again, leading to steps 1 + 2. I really see the potential in this game, but by the issues it has right now on Xbox One, given its "preview so not finished game" status is frustrating. Will be looking over other threads to see but unable to recommend this to friends due to the instability and crash frequency which just break game and experience. Thank you for reading.