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  1. When playing multiplayer once creating the Soil Centrifuge and powered it on I was able to add soil with no issues but when going to start the process the green button to start the fuge is blacked out. so it's full of soil is getting full power but the start fuge'ing button is blacked out to where i cant use it. this will be a problem when resin and compound become a little harder to find. please please please fix this issue. thanks. -Robby-
  2. OK so let start off by first saying I have been playing this game since it first released on the Xbox (day 1). So i have seen this game take a wonderful shape from where it first started. but there is one issue that I had at the beginning of the game that i am still experiencing now. and that is LAG! created by to many placed tethers. I am playing on an Xbox One X and the lag is still as bad as day 1 and switching to a more powerful console has not proven to be successful in this case. My question is; is this being worked on? do you guys have a plan in place to negate this issue? because it really applies in multiplayer as well as single because more then a normal amount tethers are being placed at a given time. So please just shoot me a reply that just lets me know hey we are aware of this issue and we are working to resolve it. because other then that the game is becoming a masterpiece from day 1 until now god its just oozing potential. please get back to me on the Tether issue. thanks. Hardcore Player, Robby
  3. I like this idea, or something like a storage silo that would let you change a color coded ring on the top that would represent the resource thats inside it. because right now i have been just digging a hole for each specific resource but after awhile it becomes sloppy and in the way, it also arises glitches where you resources would sink to the caves below or start floating and wont fall down in the hole. so please hear us out and give us somewhere organized to store are extra resources. and also make it look nice not sloppy like a hole in the ground.
  4. Yeah i feel you, i hate having a ton of resources and no were really efficient to put them, because i like to be organized so i dig a hole for each specific type and it works in all, but its also sloppy. i want a cool storage option for extra resources a silo sounds cool and a way to label it so you know which silo is holding which specific type of resource. like a color coded ring around the top the represents the resource thats inside.
  5. I see what he is saying though it would be helpful to have a patch notes section in the start menu. so you can see all the cool stuff added and changed in the game without having to leave the game and go online into the forums.
  6. No mans sky is a space survival, exploration, resource gathering, base building game (Very close in comparison ), they have mentioned time in again that No mans sky was the closest to a competitor as one can get. and now No Mans Sky is taking the one thing that made astroneer different and making a joke out of it. i just thought it was messed up and wanted to see how they felt about it.
  7. Just read a report that states "No Mans Sky" will be adding in terrain manipulation into their IP. but have to be honest doesn't look nearly as fluid and smooth as Astroneer. but they are bringing some much needed and promised elements to the game. how does this make you feel as developers that this game is nipping at your ankles? Here is the terrain manipulation in action.
  8. You can roll the trees where ever you would like. they dont have to be near your base if you dont want them to be.
  9. Every time i come back to my base from another planet or just over the hill i notice that i have about 5 copper and and a couple titanium just floating in mid air. even after i interact with them they still stay suspended in the air. why is this happening
  10. Why dont you just dig under the tree until it falls thats how i reach the high ones, i cut the trees down.
  11. Research is a joke and dont stick up for SES they made a huge mistake with the new research system and it needs to be addressed or there going to find themselves with ALOT of frustrated players.
  12. I completely agree with you its F'ing ridiculous, if i get another piece of compound out of a research pod im going to hurl my controller across the room. I still need a truck and i travel for what seems like miles with the way you have to carry the research then load it up and get compound or a stupid filter WTF SES. they should at least make it to where you will not get resources out of research until all blueprints are collected. the place it and hope shit is for the birds, RNG kills games and its going to kill theirs if they dont do something well for me at least.
  13. I love this game and have played this alpha since the beginning before SES moved into there new office. and before the fix for trading Hydrazine and the adding of new energy slots to the fuel condensers to make it harder to spam hydrazine and trade it for what ever you wanted. thats just to give you a time line. Now to the issue im facing and its discouraging and makes me want to rage quit every time this happens. Picture this "come on a trip with me" you land on the perfect spawn lots of trees with tons of research, all the compound and resin you'll ever need and a ton of wreckage and rare resources everything is here and you're happy because this doesn't happen all the time. So you start to research and it starts off great you get a few things you need and a few things you dont but its legit research. then it gets down to needing a truck, a large storage and maybe a space ship and a few other things. then the awful happens you travel forever sometimes, to find more research to get back and load it up and its a damn filter or power cell or better yet compound. can you guys make that happen less? or make it to where you dont start getting resources until after all the research is completed? this is ridiculous i have been playing for two straight days almost and every research i load gives me a stupid filter or copper or compound. I NEED A TRUCK!!!!!! AND LARGE STORAGE!!!!!!! its crazy please fix this. Sorry for venting but come on traveling across the planet with a new piece of research and to load it up to get compound it makes me want to quit and i dont want to quit i just want to research the things i want and need. PLEASE FIX!
  14. dude 32bit? so that means you cant have any more then 4GBs of RAM you need 64bit to play this trust me.
  15. hell yeah or just a compass that you can research and create the when you hold it it will point to your base and thats it.