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  1. I also love the legs of the lander! I've extract them from the games folders, so maybe this is an old version of the lander...but it's too nice!
  2. lucasss

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    I will not post the stl files on the forum until mods give me the permission By the way, there's some tool online, like umodel export, that can help you to export the object from the game...
  3. I've try to print it in Vase Mode/ Spiralized for decrease the printing time... The last 15mm was printer with infill because unprintable in vase mode... Now the printing time for a 150mm height version was 2h20m
  4. Like this? Will be my next print
  5. I love the habitat in Astroneer, and i want one... So I've work for extract the STL files from the game, repair it and then print wit a FFF printer... That's the result: Then I've colored it with a white paint.. In this day i will try to color it like the habitat in the game If Dev give me the "ok", i can share the STL...
  6. Version: Last update today - 15/08/2017. Unable to get version due to a crash on start Description: I've got the error "Plugin 'SlateRemote' failed to load because module 'SlateRemote' could not be found etc... If i don't click "ok", the game stuck on loading page, if i click "ok" the game force close... Platform: Steam Specifications: Machine: Asus X552WX OS: Windows 10 Home x64 CPU: Intel i7 GPU: Nvidia GTX 950M RAM: 1x8GB DDR4 Drive: Samsung 850 Evo 128GB
  7. lucasss

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    Hi, I've extract the obj/stl model of the habitat-module from the game... I've try to print it but it required some adjustment... Inside the module there is the seat and many instrument that need to be removed... If you want i can send you the stl files so you can fix it for FFF printer...
  8. Me too, same problem...