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  1. This isn't much of a suggestion, nor idea. This would belong in the General discussion area.
  2. Alright, so we know that medium to late game, storage can be an issue, you'll be mining and you'll just accumulate tons of stuff without even trying. So far currently we have a few storage options but nothing that can really handle the vast amount of random junk we can amass. I know that there are possibly more variants of storage possibly planned for the future of Astroneer, but I have several ideas for storage. 1. Stackable Pallets As we have warehouses around the world with storage pallets filled with goods for transport, I figure you could possibly do the same with medium stora
  3. Don't take it personally but the game could do without the video game staple of Zombies or zombie-esque enemies.
  4. +1 Might need a few cranes to drag crashed ships to your settlement.
  5. If you wanted to draw out the game and make it last a bit longer, there could be a kind of satellite dish you could construct to contact said base or such, and with a currency or exp system, exp or currency could be spent on 'Certifications' that are required before you construct something, like you'd need a vehicle certificate to operate cranes or rovers, and so on and so on with more complex systems. And later on instead of requiring just exp/currency, you had to complete a special task to prove that you can handle whatever tech you might be rewarded with.
  6. Since they plan to add in more liquids like water or such, maybe even oil or something, some form of piping would probably be in their best interest, might require a small pump module or something to place on baseplates like you would with the larger Solar Panels. The pump drawing liquids to where you have placed the pump, like on the side of a compressor.
  7. At this point it might as well be treated like Air or Energy, being piped through tethers and from a dust collector directly into the new sentiment processor instead of lugging around like 12 tanks of it.
  8. Just because a game features a creative mode doesn't make it Minecraft.
  9. A 'creative' mode is already confirmed by the devs. I think you guys might be referring to something like a 'custom world' experience where if you wanted you could make some resources super common, or less common, determine what kinds of planets in a system and how many planets. How common is wreckage. Which I agree would be quite nice for lulz and possibly testing purposes.
  10. That's still far too different from what the devs would want for the game. Personally I enjoy it as an adventure and exploring kind of game, rather than all games having to be 'kill this, kill that.' The peacefulness of Astroneer is what appeals to me personally. And the stress of bosses or whatever would ruin its charm.