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  1. Just because a game features a creative mode doesn't make it Minecraft.
  2. A 'creative' mode is already confirmed by the devs. I think you guys might be referring to something like a 'custom world' experience where if you wanted you could make some resources super common, or less common, determine what kinds of planets in a system and how many planets. How common is wreckage. Which I agree would be quite nice for lulz and possibly testing purposes.
  3. +1
  4. That's still far too different from what the devs would want for the game. Personally I enjoy it as an adventure and exploring kind of game, rather than all games having to be 'kill this, kill that.' The peacefulness of Astroneer is what appeals to me personally. And the stress of bosses or whatever would ruin its charm.
  5. There already is an option via steam. While your in-game, just open steam, and send an invite to the person you want to play with.
  6. Seeing this is more of an adventure and survival game rather than a game focused on combat, which there is none of at the moment. This really wouldn't fit the theme of the game. And I don't think its something the devs would consider either.
  7. I'd honestly buy at least 4, 2 for the girlfriend and 2 for myself. +1 I need these cute astrodudes on my desk.
  8. They could easily fix this by instead of having 'vehicle bays', they make a 'launch platform' where it can only accept air vehicles, that way it separates both classes of vehicles and its also much easier to determine if one is occupied or free.
  9. I believe on the roadmap they posted they have planned an almost like 'Creative' mode where you can spawn whatever you wish. I'm unsure how far it is away, but its definitely planned.
  10. +1
  11. Yea that makes sense, like 'Hyrazine Powered Drills', it eliminates a possible cheese method of just stickin' a solar panel on it thinking it'll be fine and dandy forever. Gives the player a task to still maintain it by refueling it rather than give it infinite energy and forget about it and come back to several hundred bundles of a resource. I like this.
  12. Well its not exactly making it easier, the resource mines would already be there, as they are in game as is. The only difference is that it would eliminate the manual mining. Maybe they could be separate modules you had to put a battery pack on as a way for it to produce its specific resource. Much like an Oil derrick or Quarry in Rust. Fuel/Energy goes in, product comes out. With each tick equating to a energy and resource value of course. This could vary between each resource.
  13. Hold up there, that's amazing. That is actually genius, a kind of like, Mine or as you put it 'siphon' you can construct on a node that produces oxygen, energy or resin, I feel like it could probably be a construction kinda like a tile is now, like refinery and the such, but they raises the question of storage, and automation. Nevertheless I love the idea. +1 my dude.