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  1. Thanks for you input. It was my intention to take down little as possible so i can bring up more supplies, must of my spots on the rover(s) was going to be storage.
  2. When it comes to storage I do a simple grid system, realizing it will take so much material I have restored to pits. A large storage area or building would be most helpful.
  3. Portable oxygen I think would be destructive to the survival aspect of the game but i do agree there needs to be a way to maintain your oxygen level specially in areas rovers cannot access. I was thinking along the lines of Oxygen Stations, Man made platforms That can be simply placed on the ground, hold a sphere of influence that will replenish your oxygen. To not make them better then the tethers, they don't provide light nor can they hook up to tethers.
  4. Currently I have found a large winding cave system that i don't want to waste compound just to make tethers to go every direction in it. Good thing about this cave system I discovered that it could be easily accessed by rovers. This issue i'm having is coming up with a way where all i have to do is drive my rover up and down as many times as I need without fear of losing too much energy. As there is no access to sunlight or wind in these caves deep as there are, though i do get occasional gust of wind. So my option go too the small organic generator, the large coal generator and the battery. S
  5. Exactly what i was thinking. Too expand on this idea the option to rearrange the base, i would like to delete and move things around as i expand to make it easier on myself but i'm stuck with where i first lay an expansion. when you back track on the construction or break down a no longer needed item it can give you back some material, not the full cost of when you first built it but half or at least one basic material back.
  6. I attempted myself the drill the way the video TorKKa posted, it would be an improvement when driving into Mountain sides that is cut away a wide enough path that you could fit your rover into. Also some of the cave systems are gentle slopes with enough room for my rover to drive in. issue is all the stalagmite keeps getting caught between my rover forcing me to get out to up root it. So i was like Oh, that is what i can use the drill for, cut away the objects that could get in my path. Turns out it wont break making travel into caves challenging for a rover. This would be a great fix for th
  7. I can't even drive my train of three rovers connect anywhere near tethers as the connecting and disconnecting gives me a frame every two seconds.
  8. I have my main base fairly built up, lost of storage, three different rovers and tethers that go off great way i left from early build. My freezes and frame rate drop is coming from when my character hooks up with the tethers around my base or off in the distance and the only way it goes back up if i disconnect from my base entirely. Right now i'm going to start removing my tethers and leave beacons around of my most traveled places. Going to be a pain as i have yet to construct a shuttle to launch to space and other supplies I"m looking to add.