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  1. Michal Lachut

    Hydrazine Jetpack improvement

    My idea is that JetPack Upgrade would be part of Astroneer Backpack upgrade. Once you print new, it will have a secondary tank, just below oxygen tank that we can fill up with hydrazine, like rockets in the past. It could look like this :
  2. Michal Lachut

    Backpack Upgrades

    I think that we are getting something in next update https://trello.com/c/NhHGYg8T/450-creative-mode-update Is that new design of backpack??
  3. Michal Lachut

    Rover Flight Mechanics

    What about Medium Hydrazine Canister be attached between rover/rocket and thrusters?
  4. Hello, my idea of base building is that as we start the game, we are only limited drop capsule that have some oxygen reserve, and some of stations (like research station )in our Catalog, all the rest is unavailable . We can collect Bytes from plants to unlock Research Station. Now we can start collecting research pods to gain Bytes to be able to unlock more. All of the buildings and stations would be found as wrecks on the planets. You can put the fragments of those buildings in research Station to find blueprints. For example you finding ruined Field Shelter, you take it to station, and by researching it we can get 30% of blueprint. When you get 100% you are able to unlock that building using Bytes, and so on. All wrecked pieces of rocket also can be research to build modules Small, Mid, Large and XL and would be equivalent of Small ..Mid, Large . Platforms, so all equipment can be stored inside. All Modules would have at least two connectors, and be able to connect to other module or to cubical Hub with four or six connectors, where you can add other modules. Some of the modules would have also some tier connector outside for solar cells or wind turbine. Now fun part. Same Modules after printing when they are still packed you can place in rocket and one by one (or few depend of their size) to orbit to start creating some form of Space Station or Large rocket that would serve as mobile base or way to travel to different solar systems (in the future). All of the wrecks would be scatter over system, so it you not only for to explore for resources but also for pieces of ships. So we never know for sure that we found every blueprint, only developer would know that and silently add new one. And that only we talk about EXO Dynamic, when we start adding Alien technology, that another area to expand......
  5. Michal Lachut

    Satellite GPS

    +1 But why limit satelite to one use only. Let's make option that you can take large rocket with crane, and insted of launching to space or landing you waiting in orbit for satelite to grab. Then you can make upgrades, change of equipment.
  6. Michal Lachut

    Power connector for Shuttle.

    Like in the topic, back in days we ware able to connect a shuttle to Vehicle Bay, that would be helpful if we have a small off world base (all power and oxygen source on board of shuttle), and just few small platforms for equipment. Just an idea.
  7. Today is a day full of ideas. So my another idea is how in the game we can start building a Space Station. In the game we have a crash sites that looks like modules of ship or space station, there is few kind of them. Some times we can find a research Pod that in my opinion should only give as only technological blueprint New Research Groups. Those blueprints can contain parts or whole schematics how to build / print pieces of Modules. Now in the game we can pick some of smal paces of ships that we can store on backpack, in future bigger one we can use Crane and transport them on the trailer or Rover. Latter we can use Reverse Engineering to get blueprints of Modules like Habitat , Storage, Power , Lab/ Research. Those pieces of Modules printed can be send to orbit by Large Shuttle. All big items can be moved by Crane and assembled in orbit.
  8. Michal Lachut

    New Research Groups

    Today I come up with idea of splitting the Research Pods to few groups. All Pods that can be obtain from plants (from trees or from under plants) should contain only resources. Pods that You can find under rocks or some ware near minerals (Aluminium, Iron, Copper, Astronium, Titanium) should give as blueprint how to use them, what combination of minerals (like 2 Aluminium + 2 Titanium) to create alloys that we can use in future to create items that we find in third kind of Pods. Pods that you can find only at the crash site, technological blueprints to build/print item for upgrades of base. I'll like to see in future ability to research items you can find in crash site like solar panels, some parts of fuselage. Thanks to that we can focus on searching for kind of Pods that we need at the moment.
  9. Michal Lachut

    "Patch 182" - May 26, 2017

    For some reason gravity for Large Rover changed on Terran Planet. Now I resemble now Barren Planet
  10. Michal Lachut


    Today when I was playing, I found the body of the dead astronaut. In his backpack I noticed some items, ex: tank, battery that I didn't research yet. It is just an idea, but it would be possible to use thos items on Research platform to get blueprints?