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    Power connector for Shuttle.

    Like in the topic, back in days we ware able to connect a shuttle to Vehicle Bay, that would be helpful if we have a small off world base (all power and oxygen source on board of shuttle), and just few small platforms for equipment. Just an idea.
  2. Today is a day full of ideas. So my another idea is how in the game we can start building a Space Station. In the game we have a crash sites that looks like modules of ship or space station, there is few kind of them. Some times we can find a research Pod that in my opinion should only give as only technological blueprint New Research Groups. Those blueprints can contain parts or whole schematics how to build / print pieces of Modules. Now in the game we can pick some of smal paces of ships that we can store on backpack, in future bigger one we can use Crane and transport them on the trailer or Rover. Latter we can use Reverse Engineering to get blueprints of Modules like Habitat , Storage, Power , Lab/ Research. Those pieces of Modules printed can be send to orbit by Large Shuttle. All big items can be moved by Crane and assembled in orbit.
  3. Michal Lachut

    New Research Groups

    Today I come up with idea of splitting the Research Pods to few groups. All Pods that can be obtain from plants (from trees or from under plants) should contain only resources. Pods that You can find under rocks or some ware near minerals (Aluminium, Iron, Copper, Astronium, Titanium) should give as blueprint how to use them, what combination of minerals (like 2 Aluminium + 2 Titanium) to create alloys that we can use in future to create items that we find in third kind of Pods. Pods that you can find only at the crash site, technological blueprints to build/print item for upgrades of base. I'll like to see in future ability to research items you can find in crash site like solar panels, some parts of fuselage. Thanks to that we can focus on searching for kind of Pods that we need at the moment.
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    "Patch 182" - May 26, 2017

    For some reason gravity for Large Rover changed on Terran Planet. Now I resemble now Barren Planet
  5. Michal Lachut


    Today when I was playing, I found the body of the dead astronaut. In his backpack I noticed some items, ex: tank, battery that I didn't research yet. It is just an idea, but it would be possible to use thos items on Research platform to get blueprints?