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  1. It's been an issue for 6 months dude, ive been raging at them hard about this for over a month. It looks like they're finally getting around to looking into it ?? persistence pays off
  2. I also concur with the "I'm not bricking a fourth save if you're not promising a way out of it" it's to much damn effort to find the hab in the first place. stupidly I was to close when pulling out my tool the other day and it got me a third time ?
  3. Typically it is when the game is crashed when trying to enter another vehicle to save, but I've had it happen just walking around and crash
  4. But like I've said a million other times this wouldn't even be an issue if you had the option for multiple saves. It's like the most no brained obvious solution
  5. Yes it's still happening, build a habitat, hop in without deploying it, get out, crash game, congrats you're stuck
  6. The only quality of life improvement I want is to have my habitat trapped Astroneers set free, or at the very least that it's not going to happen again, so much hard work ruined over something so infuriating as being to close to the damn thing when trying to pull out your tool
  7. Got me again.... nothing like putting in hours and hours of work to have it irreversibly locked, are you working on a solution i noticed this seems to be an ongoing problem
  8. what kind of sense does shutting down the threads of the most suggested things make, if it's something that a gazillion people are suggesting then it's obviously something that would be smart to focus on
  9. Precisely ?? I collect satellites, I'd take the big ass Hubble and all the downed ships if I could plus what good is the truck if the winch bungee slingshots it across the map when you try and drag stuff lol
  10. Blew up like half my base not realizing this was in the update ??
  11. I think they increased the spawns I find dozens of satellites now, personally I think it's because of the new research tree where those satellites researchs are for augments so to make it easier to get them they added sats, I love it, I collect satellites and knowing I'll find at least one in every cave is sweet, now if I can just find the dang mini game Hubble near my main base I'll be solid af in this play through
  12. Entering vehicle causes crash it seems the longer you wait the higher the probability of a crash. Please address in next patch, I can't say it enough please find a way to put save on the start menu and take it off vehicles completely
  13. im having the same issue however I believe the vehicle is a separate issue (I rage about that all the time ??) anyway I think it has to do with too many tethers on one system, it's been happening to me in a cave I'm working that likewise has hundreds of tethers, I set up a line literally the min distance away so they can't connect and ran it two packs with no problem which I believe gives credence to the overloaded theory, @Wyvyrias any thoughts or insights on the matter?