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  1. ReflexConnect

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    lol hey I need those platforms to rise up so when I build a dome over my home I can get solar and wind brought down. String enough together and you can have power and processing to the depths of the moon.
  2. ReflexConnect

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    One must have feature for me is the ability to track the angle of the tool, and use a lock tool mode that let's me set the angle from gravitational vertical. I love to build massive structures above and below ground. Just like in the attached picture. Also, what about some final grand goal of the game, such as, getting an array of GPS satellites around every planet that allows you to quick travel to any point using GPS. and a rocket.
  3. ReflexConnect

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    Who's posting guns ?
  4. ReflexConnect

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    This is brilliant. Excellent list to keep the ideas within the roadmap sandbox and organized to confirm those in progress. These are some of my suggestions to make game play optimal. I really love this game and want to see it succeed. When people ask me how does it play, about the only thing I can say is, like space engineers, but picks up where minecraft left off. This has generated many, many sales for your game. But instead of any tshirt or royalty, I only wish to be heard out. Can't argue there. Making frontier terrain easier by nerfing rocks is just killing the pioneer spirit of the game. If it were easy everyone would do it. If there's a mining outpost, or an area of resources, a cave, that is often traversed, build a clean road to it; just like people always do. I like the new color for the tool. It will help discern roads from the rest of the terrain and marks the area as tampered by human hands. Should the game eventually allow for competing mining factions, this would be one of the few methods for detecting other teams or players. In that, the Beacon should be expanded to include the weather detection alert, the ability to either custom label it or allow for automatic sequential numbering or lettering; automatic labeling would be less of a load on the system but still keeps each beacon unique. In the more complex direction, a Beacon management module can be introduced that allows for remote renaming, remote weather detection, and maybe even a remote camera to view creatures, poachers or interlopers through each Beacon. Best creepy weather detection sound, with the crescendo ending in high tone beeping Beacon's can be upgraded to mini companions keeping the Astroneer safe with all previous functions I mentioned, with added bio detectors for poison, and pack animals. The Tool needs to have two modes. Simple, as it is now, and Detailed [Expert]. Detailed needs to include features such as a leveling X above the tool that moves with the tools angle while overlaying another leveling X that remains flat with horizon or perpendicular to planet center. Detailed should also give us the angle in numerical form next to the tool. To protect against the weather I find myself building multi leveled structures out of the terrain and landscape, while running modules to the roof for solar and wind power. I find this ability to being a critical key feature to the creative aspect of the game, in addition to paint and color. Some genius is just waiting for enough features to carve Mount Rushmore out of the alien landscape. Note, this also fulfills the Road/Ramp building feature request, aides the structures building requests, etc. Make coloring easier in Creative Mode, maybe even a Survival mode Bob Ross augment. Expert mode should also include a compass, digital map, with gps reserved for space stations. No mining elevators, just ramps. But we need to know the minimum angle of ascent for fully loaded vehicles. Garage, Storm Shelter, Structures of any kind - c'mon people, this is a core pioneer spirit of the game. He said "Go west young man" and the early American settlers made their first homes from Sod and cow dung. Cut that base from the side of a mountain, or build it up from a hidden cave below. Made from the grit of the frontier, do what it takes to survive and thrive. See my pics attached. As such, large spans, poorly constructed archways and careless mining should lead to cave-ins and avalanches from weather and earthquakes. Beacons should be able to detect earthquakes. Even the perfect parabolic arch is no match for the forces of nature. Weather damage to modules from flying rocks. This shows up as reduced power capacity for that module until repaired. A "Repair" option can be added in the modules selection tabs that indicates the resource for repair and quantity. Let a modules power capacity reach zero, and that module goes away. The Drill. Detach the drill from the vehicle completely and let it be a remote drone for digging and shaping. Limited distance, still uses vehicle power, but can be rotated sideways/upside down, and utilizes the same tools and augments as the personal Tool item. If you want more power in shaping the land use the upcoming Creative Mode. As per road map, game generated Ancient Alien structures that are barely discernible from the surrounding formations. Yet unlike water formed cave systems, these are similar to a petrified building, or perhaps a petrified saucer. Inside, an explosion of flora and fauna as if it were an Eden. Space Station "Storage" via Trade Module. Launch a Large Storage to the space station, along with a Tier-1 resource as a fee. This opens a new tab on the Trade Module selector. While the Storage Tab is selected, the rocket displays the contents of the storage in ghosted outlined red. "Activate", highlight an item for retrieval, or place an item for storage. Cost per Trade Rocket trip for storage should be one Tier-1 resource, so make it count. After all these are premium services. The storage should be accessible by all Trade Modules, of the same faction/team. Once you have your own space station, you no longer have to pay a Tier-1 resource, and can open it for commerce to other factions/teams for Tier-1 profits. ReflexConnect a.k.a. SentinelBubble Xbox Live The End Upload Studio.mp4
  5. ReflexConnect

    Partial/dud power item

    I get the same, even in the prior release 151. It's like corn that goes bad and won't pop popcorn. On one map I have a pit of dead power items. The EPA would have a fit.