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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I have build another, self propelling version of two trucks. It drives on its own and on the moon it also starts flying if you don't watch it... And in general from my point of view: driving feels awful... the truck-base seems to have no weight at all and everything you put on it creates a really high balance point, especially the cargo-modul is way to heavy in relation to the other modules Best regards and with the hope that the developers will fix this funny (not anymore if you start playing in a decent manner) feature
  2. butterflug

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    Hello fellow Astroneers, with the new release i often encounter graphical / terrain generation bugs. Already formed terrain is not loading properly on many different places. I also can walk within the not displayed area. And my base has become pretty dark. The not generated surface only generates when i apply an action with the terraforming tool to it. Best regards butterflug
  3. Hey fellow Astroneers, do you also have a new kind of fog in caves? I have build a massiv earth-dome around my base and i barely can see something (with enough tethers for light) in there. Is there an option to change this? It annoys me, that you cannot see a fully lit base 20m away... Best regards butterflug
  4. butterflug

    Partial resource stuck in inventroy.

    Mining more did not help. I mined more with the personal tool, but it did not accept the tiny bit. Also the crane did not accept it. Also i could not move it. My solution was getting it out of the crafting part of the inventory, with changing the recipe and than jump of a cliff to get rid of it. Also i could not reproduce this behaviour till now. If i can or someone else replies, i post it in the bug section.
  5. butterflug

    some idea

    Yes, a tube system would be really nice, maybe as placeble objects and the connection system could look like (could be) the base connectors. (There was something like that in the dev's-Videos playing the game in multiplayer.) Placeble flood lights (maybe different sizes with a higher range for the light) would be great. So there could be a light system without the tether-to-stuff-connections. For the rail and piston system, for the quarry, i thought of the system of a gantry crane. But also a train system could be fun to build and move resources with towards the landing pads to fly out the stuff from the planet. (With automatic loading and unloading. Kind of a narrow-gauge railway, but with possible higher transportrate than the tube system, or lower cost over long distances.) And bigger landing pads, if a company sends an Astroneer to get resources from a planet, they will have a high demand. (Maybe as a player motivation there could be requests and some rewards.)
  6. butterflug

    some idea

    Hey, while playing some ideas came to my mind. (Maybe something i already read in this forum.) - walls and gates to fortify the base a bit - kind of a bulldozer to get a flat area for a nice base - the ability to change bigger modules of the vehicles (like the storage, so the vehicles could be reused if they are misplanned while building) - a heavier feeling of the truck, i think it jumps to much (if it depends on the gravity of the planet i'm more or less fine with it like it is now) - "normal" steering-based controls for the vehicles - a rail and piston system to build a big (modular sized) quarry to use the crane and the drill in an industrial way (rails for x and y directions and Pistons for z) - the last point will be handy with a automatic resource movement between base-modules If somethind else comes to my mind i'll keep track of it in this topic. Best regards butterflug
  7. Hey fellow astroneers, i have a tiny piece of a partial resource made by a crane stuck in my inventory. How could i get rid of it? Tanks in advance
  8. butterflug

    Base Building QOL Changes & More

    I agree with this ideas.
  9. butterflug

    Suggestion to Change Vehicle Controls

    I definitely agree with that. Just throttle, breaks(after stopping reverse) and steering.