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  1. @piespace hey dude so after multiple attempts to fix astroneer ( by going back and doing some stuff that you told me to do ) it reverted back to saying the dx11 feature level10.0 thing again im really confused
  2. welp it did it again ive installed the update so that wont work, ive already disabled my intel card but when i play different games its required so that it actually runs good, so now it seems im out of the previous options.....any tips? ( btw im getting the dx11 feature level10.0 thing again )
  3. @piespace alrighty man and trust me, you fooled me for someone who is affiliated with SES, thanks a bunch though honestly!
  4. @piespace dude im so confused, the game works now but it was after i did the update thing so thanks a bunch for suggesting that! Idk if this topic is left open would this be an ideal place to contact you if further assistance is needed and if i cant find the issues on other topics?
  5. Yeah let me try those tomorrow it's pretty late where I'm at lol so yeah I will keep you posted with whats goin on, again I appreciate your helpfulness
  6. WELL CRAP :'( the fun was short lived that "DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine " came back and now im getting that crash again Dx i am sad
  7. yeah hopefully they can get the issue resolved aswell anywho thanks again man!
  8. oh my god..... Piespace, you sir are awesome! after i disabled the intel card all i had to do was verify cache in steam and now it has launched, you have brought me happiness today
  9. should I make sure that my Astroneer game is using the Nvidia GPU through the Nvidia control panel ?
  10. oh yeah i was able to disable the intel card, and the drivers are up to date ( version 376.33 )
  11. huh so now this is weird, it is now telling me that "DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine" any clue on what that is?
  12. thanks man I appreciate this alot, let me try this thing one more time and see if what you said works
  13. so im having this issue where my game will not launch! my specs are Nvidia gtx 765m and a intel HD 4600 ( multi gpu ) , processor is a intel i7 4700hq quad core with hyperthreading, and i run windows 8.1 oh also 8 gb of ram DxDiag.txt