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  1. Platform(s): XboxLocation: USA, TN (Central Time)Language(s): EnglishMicrophone: YesLooking for: Players that want to start a new multiplayer world. Need to have a microphone. Can play from: Usually weekends or Wednesdays or Thursdays (whenever I’m online) Can host: yesComment: I’m 21 years old, looking for some buds to play Astroneer with me. If you’re funny and semi-serious about playing this game you’re the right bro for me. I had an idea for a cool play style where we Research the small shuttle first and all go to different planets to “start” off on. Help each other out by trading for resources n such Gamertag: AVENGED STEEL
  2. The cave is very far down so it would take a lot of copper for the extenders. And so what I am trying right is to use turbines. But the wind is so unpredictable. It constantly turns off and on. Thanks for the suggestions y’all!
  3. So I found a huge jackpot of research pods deep down in a cave. But I don’t want to bring them all the way back to the surface and to my base. If I built a research station down there is there any good way to supply power to it? I am currently on Arid and I haven’t found any coal so I couldn’t use a generator. Any tips??
  4. I think this could be interesting. You have to fully understand the resource before you can just create 50 of them out of dirt. +1
  5. My first reaction to the color update was the same. The resources almost blend in with the environment now. But then I realized, isn't that the point? It was kinda strange seeing a huge clump of white bubbles in the ground somewhere. I don't think resources should be so easy to spot. In reality, resources are hard to come by and only can be find after delicate searching. So I see this as adding some difficulty to the game (which it desperately needs). Now I have to take time and scan the surface for those hard to find resin spots.
  6. I love this idea! It is very refreshing after all the same ideas being pushed back up from the grave. This is something NEW. The concept is simple, but yet exciting! I appreciate the art you did as well. A suggestion is made 10 times better with some well done art. I personally would love to have a little patch on my Astroneer's arm that displays a nickname.
  7. I am so sick and tired of people not looking at this post. The reason this is here is so people don't post the same exact thing over and over again. Recently, people have been suggesting the SAME thing mulitple times in a row. Look at previous posts people and comment on their posts, don't make a whole new thread. It is really annoying, and just adds to the clutter of this suggestion section. yes I know everyone wants split screen and yes the Rover controls need to be fixed. Everyone knows this. No need to make a new post about it. Oh yeah and YES we all want a bigger storage module and yes it has been suggested SO MANY TIMES.
  8. Great suggestion format Lithium Okay, so instead of the enriched Astronium, how about we treat it the same way we do hydrazine now? Harvested Astronium must now be "processed". Simply place it in the new hydrazine refinery, and it will fill up your canisters with enriched Astronium. Then it is the same process, just place them into the Reactor and get tons of energy. BUT WAIT, what are the side effects? Well after the enriched astronium is used up, your canister is also used up. So you better have a lot of resin on hand. Enriched Astronium Recipe: 1 "Raw" Astronium and 1 Canister Crafted/Refined at: Hydrazine Refinery Tier: 1 (Small nugget) Type: Fuel Resource
  9. I love this idea! However, I have one suggestion. It needs to be more functional. All the modules we currently have are built for a purpose and cost energy and sometimes resources to do some action. How could that be incorporated into this idea?
  10. Hey! I know exactly who made that picture. That's an idea from H@n. It's like a mining elevator. Not too sure what it has to do with zip line augments though...
  11. Due to the recent Saturday screenshot posted by SES I thought I should make some suggestions about how the volcano would function and its elements Volcanoes: ? New material: Volcanic Material Uses: Ceramics, abrasives, whatever the devs can think of New plant: Dragon Flower Spews fire at nearby player New Hazard: Lava "Hot to the touch" Spreads slowly New Event: Eruptions Every now and then the volcano will erupt, spewing deadly lava nearby. An ash cloud then emerges that covers the surrounding area. The sun is blocked out (so no solar power). New Energy: Geothermal (I know, not really new but now it will actually function) Steam vents can be found around the base of the volcano. Build your base here for an almost endless supply of energy. But watch out for those eruptions.
  12. DUDE. That is an amazing idea!! Because coal needs to be more available. The large generator is very useless because I never have coal.
  13. Yes we definitely need some cool and creepy alien ruins. Also, would be cool if there were some human ruins as well. I have some pictures I found (they are NOT mine) of something that could be considered ruins. Those are some big bones If they made a planet with huge creatures/dinosaurs that would be so cool. Walking around and just being peaceful, eating some leaves. But they are for sure gonna add some little creatures to be running around. Which animals could tie in good with the whole narrative and the settlements of NPCs.
  14. Thanks for all the awesome feedback guys! I really hope the devs hear these ideas and can some day implement them! We really could use some new modules to spice things up in the game. H@n and I have been talking about Wormholes. Which could be another form of teleporting. These however, can't be built. You can find these large structures pretty much anywhere above ground, but would be very rare to find. Maybe only one per planet. So these Wormhole Generators/Gates would be linked up to another on another planet. Before stepping through you could see a preview of where the portal would take you. But before you can access such easy travel, you need to jump through some ropes to activate the Gate. This could be simply uncovering it or connecting it to some power pylons or adding on resources to reconstruct it. If the Gate was made larger scale, you could possibly even bring your rover with you Here is a possible look for the Wormhole Gate (from Destiny):
  15. Hostile aliens and weapons are not wanted around these parts, but I have an idea that could be kind of a middle ground. Your suggestion of the monster throwing rocks reminding me of a very annoying creature in the Fable series. The Rock Troll.... So I think Astroneer needs something like this. Maybe on one certain planet (That way people dont freak out about the game being too hostile) Rock Trolls could spawn. So you see a large rock that looks kinda unusual. As you get closer the Troll emerges from the ground! But he fortunately can't move. He is locked into one spot, but don't be mistaken, his means of attack are throwing large boulders at you! He would be slow and easy to dodge, but if get too close he pounds the ground and knocks you back. He could either be unkillable or you have to get close and suck up the ground from beneath him and that would kill him.