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  1. djcad2017


    I just landed on a landing spot, but ended up underground in a Mountain and could see all resources under me.
  2. I don’t understand why you are using the Camera to move around & manipulate things. There is a first person view.
  3. The Atmospheric Condenser keeps shutting off after producing 1 canister.
  4. There is an EndGame when you get all the Gateways & Gateway Engines activated and then activate the Satellite.
  5. djcad2017


    XBox One. In my current game I’m on my last planet, Atrox, trying to get all of the Gateways. The problem is one of the Gateways is missing. I traveled to the spot where the Blue Light beam in the sky is located, but no Gateway. The terrain in this area is very fractured, and when I dig around, and down the light beam actually changes location, so I dig around some more, still no Gateway. I’ve already been to the planet core and activated the last Gateway engine and took the Triptych to the Satellite, but I guess I need all Gateways to finish.
  6. Saves are totally broken. Can’t make any progress without game crashing when trying to Save.
  7. Still crashing when entering vehicles or shelters
  8. I keep trying to dig down to the core on Vesania but keep losing saves. I even put a field shelter about half way down, and then when I dig down to the Core & Activate the Gateway Engine and jump to the surface and try to get in a rover for saving, it crashes and I lose an hours worth of work. It’s hard to keep enough lifelines & Oxygen to make it to the Core.
  9. djcad2017


    Still crashing on Saves. It’s getting almost impossible to play without losing progress on Save.
  10. djcad2017


    Occasionally crashes when entering Rover.
  11. djcad2017


    No matter what I do I can’t get the extenders to work anymore on My XBox-One. I don’t know when they stopped working, but it’s been awhile. I think maybe some update screwed it up. Any ideas? Is it possible to delete the game from My XBox-One, and then re-install it without losing anything? I bought the game way back in pre-alpha and would hate to lose it.
  12. I found a Gateway buried in the top of a mountain. I’ve dug all around it but can’t find an entrance. Anybody have any ideas?
  13. djcad2017


    I can’t seem to get the extenders to work, no matter where I put them. Any ideas ?
  14. Game has slowed down considerably !