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  1. djcad2017


    Occasionally crashes when entering Rover.
  2. djcad2017


    No matter what I do I can’t get the extenders to work anymore on My XBox-One. I don’t know when they stopped working, but it’s been awhile. I think maybe some update screwed it up. Any ideas? Is it possible to delete the game from My XBox-One, and then re-install it without losing anything? I bought the game way back in pre-alpha and would hate to lose it.
  3. djcad2017

    A very buried Gateway chamber

    I found a Gateway buried in the top of a mountain. I’ve dug all around it but can’t find an entrance. Anybody have any ideas?
  4. djcad2017


    I can’t seem to get the extenders to work, no matter where I put them. Any ideas ?
  5. djcad2017

    Game Speed

    Game has slowed down considerably !
  6. XBox One: The game is totally unplayable in its present state, because any attempt to save progress of any kind will either crash the game or totally freeze it up.
  7. djcad2017


    XBox One - Can’t do anything without crashing on save.
  8. djcad2017

    Lost In Space

    I was standing on Barren minding my modules when all of a sudden I was out in space in my spacesuit with no way back. I re-booted the game but I was still out there, floating in Space. I wish I would have taken a screenshot !. I finally made it back by just waiting till my Oxygen ran out, then I died and returned to barren.
  9. djcad2017

    Quartered Planet

    On my trip home from Exotic, I noticed that Tundra was Quartered like an Orange
  10. djcad2017

    Rover Power

    Sometimes after exploring with the rover and exiting the vehicle, the rover won’t move upon re-entry, even wth full power
  11. djcad2017

    Game crash

    Xbox One - Landed on Exotic, started new landing site, game crashed after trying to enter back into shuttle for save.
  12. djcad2017

    Rover movement

    Rover stops moving after a short run. Have to reboot game. After reboot, same thing happens.
  13. djcad2017


    Since the new update came out, can’t figure out how to produce Hydrazine. You need Tungsten to make a Chemistry Lab or Trade Platform. But as far as I know, Tungsten can only be found no other planets. How do I get there without Hydrazine?
  14. djcad2017

    Map / GPS system

    I agree with all of the above !!
  15. djcad2017

    New idea

    A computer would be useful, to calculate when another planet is coming in range. I spent a lot of time waiting for Exotic to come around again.