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  1. This has been a issue since early access. "プラットフォームを交換する" is bad because it means that the target of the trade is the platform. I suggest changing it to "トレードプラットフォーム". In this case, it is better to pronounce it in katakana.
  2. notehung

    Sensor Mode Idea

    When I was experimenting with automation using several sensors, I wanted a mode that would trigger one type. Is it possible to add these modes? Storage Sensor Mode Empty Not Empty Full Not Full Battery Sensor Mode Empty Not Empty Charged Not Charged thank you for reading. The Automation Updates are so fun and amazing.
  3. notehung

    "155 - Hotfix" - April 27th, 2017

    Oxygen tank not appearing in the Backpack Printer after being unlocked from Researching an item. Can wind turbines and small generators research from the beginning? I repeat research and reset, but they don't appear. What is the difference between 3-seat and ss-3seat? Is the blank research result fixed?
  4. notehung

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    I gathered almost all the research items from the beginning of the game, resets and researched many times. Oxygen Tank and power cells are unlocked but can't be created. Wind turbin and small generator will not appear no matter how many times research is done. I researched "SS 3-Seat" and "Reserched : (empty)". Is it different from "3-Seat" ?