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  1. bear7079

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Not sure if this was mentioned. Solar panels on the front and rear of rovers are always facing down. both on Xb1 and Steam pc. Not sure if this was mentioned. small Solar panels on the front and rear of rovers are always facing down. both on Xb1 and Steam pc. so therefore no charging with a full load. unless you park, pull, and connect them to charge. not sure if this was intended. as you can put a small generator on and charge that way still. Mineral extractor, is not auto feeding full containers into the internal storage. they just sit on the medium storage and wait for you to manually transfer them. it does auto-eject them tot he storage. Also. love that you can turn the small generators on and off. as well as have a feed system setup with a fill tray of organic to continuously feed it.
  2. Also power cables have a visual glitch when attaching to vehicles. they are not completely in the connector. leaving the cone end visible and a small gap between. the spice still flows! so there is no other issue than a visual glitch for me.
  3. bear7079

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    vehicle charging bug with 153+154. it seems that almost every time i disembark from the truck or rover, I have to reseat my solar panel/s. it also feels like the tether length between tether posts has been shortened by a meter or 2. while i understand the new idea behind research. it seems a bit extravagant. granted i am coming from the 153 version where i had to find the printer and VB. also i am starting to run out of different kinds of chests. maybe give them a research category and allow them to produce more than 1 kind of research per chest type/color. like wind vanes can and their bigger brother wind mills can come from the same type of research pod. tier 2 battery and then the tier 3 battery can come from a different chest. vehicle parts, SS part, ect.