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  1. Actually, that would also require either Filterable Storage (simplest, if you have "only accept"), or some additional settings on the Splitters/Extenders...
  2. And just to be clear - I really like your suggestion about flow control. If they were to add On/Off for automatic processing, and storage Connections, and make Splitters/Extenders compatible, you could set up a Nanocarbon processing plant, with a series of Centrifuges, Smelters, and Chemistry Labs, where you place the various Resources on the "input" Storage, and get Nanocarbon (eventually) on the "output" Storage. Add the Storage Connections to Vehicles, and (if the Trade Platform had On/Off, too, and if you have lots of Gasses) you can drive a Rover Train full of Terrain up to the plant, and just hook up the Storage Connection to get things started. Which would be really cool!
  3. I think you're assuming that "just connect everything" would be the standard player behavior... My suggestion intentionally lacks flow control, but that's not excluded via some other/additional means: what would be consistent (if they were to add Storage Connections) would be to make those new connection points compatible with Splitters/Extenders, which would give you pretty much exactly the flow control you're looking for, right?
  4. This would be awesome - and making it "expensive" makes sense, since it would be incredibly useful.
  5. As I have, many times (and often the same lesson) with the Smelter - but I'd prefer those painful lessons to the current death-by-a-thousand-clicks
  6. They do (slightly less than half, vs RTGs)… do they not have the charging-each-other issue on Medium Rovers?
  7. Yeah - I forgot about that (because I never/rarely do that)… Still, I think that just not connecting the platforms that those Research Modules are on, for Storage, would make sense. And if you have a Research Module that's on a Medium Platform B, and turned On, and you drop a Medium Storage onto it, then auto-processing those Resources seems like reasonable behavior, and something that players would quickly learn to do/not do.
  8. I go with the 8 RTGs for the power requirement - the batteries aren't particularly dependable (at least in my experience), when they're on a Medium Storage, that's on a Large Storage, that's on a Large Rover: they don't all discharge, and seem to be charging each other first, instead, so the power output is insufficient. This is from collecting small batteries from wrecks, and trying to use them to unlock Gateway Portals (might just be a bug that's specific to the way I was trying to use them)
  9. To clarify/expand on my previous, inane post (and not having seen anything about Satisfactory's nav system)... I agree that having beacon markers sticking up out of the ground seems very "early access". It sounds like the desire is for: something like the compass-marker that Zorbsie mocked up, but that is an above-ground holo-projection of the "beacon" location (or otherwise constantly-visible); so it doesn't require a mouse-over, and works when you're in a vehicle enough customization to at least add something like "home base" or "massive Resin deposit #1" some UI element/interaction to turn "beacons" on and off, remotely Does that sound accurate?
  10. It does, and intentionally so: I'm suggesting dedicated secondary connections, so it has the same potential behavior as a vehicle train, where the risk you're raising already exists, and the "average" player already has to learn to consider those risks. The suggestions were about consistency, and not having to constantly click "execute/confirm", so the flow-control aspect would come from turning Processors on and off, rather than enabling/disabling those storage connections. So if you have a Smelter and a Chemistry Lab (set for Silicone) that are both running, and in the same Storage group, and then drop a Storage full of Quartz onto a Platform in that Storage group, some of that Quartz is going to turn into Glass, and some of it is going to be converted into Silicone. Not sure why the Research Station is an extreme example (because I would want every research item to be automatically processed) - did you just accidently refer to the wrong type of module? Wow, thank you! I was just trying to be minimally-organized (unlike so many of my previous posts )
  11. On second thought, this might not be as un-feasible as it sounds, and might only require a strict XML or JSON definition. To wit (and with the understanding that non-modules would need significantly-more-complex definitions): { Name="Resource Exchanger", AttachmentSlot = "Large", IdleImage = "/IdleImage.xyz", InsufficientPowerImage = "/LowBatt.xyz", ActiveAnimationStart = "/Launch.xyz", ActiveAnimation = "/IdleImageEmpty.xyz", ActiveAnimationEnd = "/Land.xyz", ExecutionTime = { FixedAnimationExecTime Duration = 30 }, ResourceSlots = [ {x = -12.345, y = 1.23, z=.123, orientation = vertical}, {x = -22.345, y = 1.23, z=.123, orientation = vertical}, {x = -32.345, y = 1.23, z=.123, orientation = vertical}, {x = -42.345, y = 1.23, z=.123, orientation = vertical} ], InputResources = [ {WeightedResource Type = Copper, Weight = 1}, {WeightedResource Type = Steel, Weight = 2}, {WeightedResource Type = Astronium, Weight = 5} ], OutputResources = [ {WeightedResource Type = Copper, Weight = 3}, {WeightedResource Type = Steel, Weight = 6}, {WeightedResource Type = Astronium, Weight = 12} ] }
  12. For my suggestion, the connectors were more about defining a "Storage Pool" (an extended set of storages on different platforms, that are treated as the same target/source). I like your "filter" idea (within a "Storage Pool"), as something that could be applied to a Medium, Large or Extra-Large Storage. The reason I don't like the pull/push ideas is because of the extra module. I could see building a special Medium/Large/Extra-Large Storage with a slightly advanced material, that has a user-settable resource filter, but my preference would be for that to be an intrinsic function for every Storage, to allow players to set up their own automation schemes: for any Storage, the user can select which Resources that Storage accepts or prefers. I'm guessing "prefers" would be more likely, so if you run out of storage space elsewhere, you start having Resources sent to those Storages that are saying "me first" for something else. With the "accepts" approach, you'd just start dropping resources on the ground. Or, better yet, create a storage vending machine (someone suggested this a long time ago), that's either specific to a single resource (early game), or holds a bunch of resources (later game, and more "expensive").
  13. Touch of Grey... All possible respect, but I was born without a butt-hole, and I'm horribly offended by you saying that "we all have one". Every day of my life is a struggle to manage both my dietary intake, and my gut flora, to ensure that I don't build up toxic, deadly residuals in my limited digestive tract... Either that, or I have a totally-inappropriate sense of humor. In related news... ooooooooohhhh. Pig lipstick, yeah!
  14. Excellent points. Was hoping that "user created content" could further the playability aspects, but - yes - there are technical considerations and obstacles to consider. Guess I'll jump on some random "content is king" bandwagon instead (honestly, though, I would love to see some replayability aspects added/considered by SES)