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  1. First off, i love this game. I read that the team is accepting ideas and bug fixes. I'm not sure of all the bugs reported, but i have a couple bugs/Fixes that could help the game. 1) the items you place in the front and rear of the buggy shouldnt fall off as easily as they do. I mean, i hit a bump and I need to hop out to collect and re-snap the items. Not a game breaker, but still annoying. 2)the generators eat organic resources even when power is full. That seems like a bug. Please take a look. I just bought the game a few days back, and I've seen a ton if videos on YouTube. I'm ignorant when it comes to game development, but you guys are making an awesome game. The possibilities are truly endless. I also play a lot it 7DTD. That game is in Alpha 15, about to drop Alpha16. Youe game runs so much smoother, and has far less bugs than that game does. And you're in PRE ALPHA. Congrats on making a great game, I'm excited to be along for the ride and see where you take us. Thanks for reading