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  1. Game crashes about every 20 minutes. Large rover is way too slow. Can't drill and drive at the same time with the large rover even with 4 RTGs on board. Game feels like it's running at about 15 frames per second. Smelter runs way too slow even with maximum power. Thanks guys and gals.
  2. BLADE4U98

    Wind Storm Resource Net

    How about a big net that can be built at your base, that could catch random resources that might be blown around by the wind storms?
  3. BLADE4U98

    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    You. Guys. Are. Awesome. Thank you so much for your hard work.
  4. BLADE4U98

    "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    This was the most recent post about patch notes, yes? Plus, who cares?
  5. BLADE4U98

    "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    I do not troll, sir. I was asking a simple question. Excuse me for not being a fanboy. Thank you for answering.
  6. BLADE4U98

    "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    No updates in awhile. Is the game dead?
  7. BLADE4U98

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    The game is getting even more awesome? Impossible I say. Impossible.
  8. BLADE4U98

    Terrain Tool Sensitivity

    I'm on Xbox. I didn't see a setting.
  9. Seems like the terrain tool is way to sensitive. Is it possible to get a sensitivity slider in the options menu? Thank you for your time.
  10. Women with crazy colored hair excite me. I do not know why.
  11. BLADE4U98

    "Patch 189" : Jun 16th, 2017

    The game is coming along nicely. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!
  12. BLADE4U98

    Run Button

    I'm on Xbox One. I would love it if I didn't have to hold down the left stick to run. Could you please give us the option to toggle it? Click once to run until you release the analog stick?