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  1. I am wondering if the shredder will eventually generate scrap metal if it is fed smelted ores. Right now it is not possible to trade resources since the shredder does not accept metal ingots from the smelter. I assume that more of the wreckage we encounter in the game will eventually be able to be shredded.
  2. It seems as if the launch keys do not work on the shuttle if a large storage unit has been placed on it.
  3. There seems to be a glitch where items from the small fabricator cannot be unpacked on large storage.
  4. This is a good idea. I would like to add that we should be able to repackage the base platforms as well.
  5. The small battery does not feed power to the Astroneer or to a vehicle when it is attached.
  6. I have noticed with the 0.6.5 release that research pods under spitter and exploder plants seem to fall through the earth when they are released after the plants die. They can be found sometimes on lower levels. This does not always happen but seems to happen fairly frequently in caves with several levels. The pods still work fine once they are recovered.
  7. The change in the power slots on the vehicles seems to have caused a problem with using the small solar panel in those slots. The small solar will still connect but does not generate power in either the front or rear slots of the small rover. This is a problem if the rover is being used to carry research or resources.
  8. There are times when the only option is to restart. I have noticed with the last several patches that sometimes certain research items are not available for some reason even when you move to different locations or even different planets. But I have also noticed that sometimes traveling to different locations and planets is necessary to find those last few items. This is an annoying bug in the current research system that we just have to live with for now. Good luck on your hunt.
  9. I have two questions for the future development of Astroneer. Does System Era have plans to add a text interface for multiplay? The second question regards translation interfaces. Will mod support for translation either voice or text be available somewhere down the road. Given the international interest in this game I think these are starting to be relevant questions.
  10. There is still a problem with all sorts of objects sinking into the ground for no apparent reason. It usually doesn't happen often with vehicles so you have been a little unlucky in that respect. You can try making sure that your connector between the ship and the vehicle bay is on. I can't say for sure but I have not lost a rover or truck that has been connected to my base.
  11. There are still problems with the ground occasionally sucking up objects. I lost a spaceship in a recent gameplay. When you are mining resources it is usually a good idea to make sure the mining tool isn't clipping into the ground because sometimes the completed resource nugget will fall into the ground. This problem has gotten better but clearly they are still working on it.
  12. I just had a rather frustrating glitch with the 215 PC release. I had constructed a spaceship after several hours of play and had it about ready to take off. I went to collect some compound for one more medium storage and as I returned to my base I saw my spaceship disappear into the ground. I tried digging under the vehicle bay but found nothing. I know this was a problem in earlier releases but I thought this issue had been addressed. I did not have time to get a snapshot of the disappearance.
  13. I tried playing with the alignment augment several times with the 215 release. It can be used but for creating walls you are better off with the column and flattening with the cntrl option on the mining tool. Roofs take more work than I have been interested in doing. So far the best augments I have seen are the inhibitor and wide mod. The boost mod can be nice but you need good power generation or you run out real quick.
  14. I have noticed with the 215 release that the rover no longer seems capable of carrying a habitat and storage modules loaded with resources. I created a rover with large storage and placed a habitat and three medium storage modules carrying resources for a new base. I had a truck to tow this but quickly found that it repeatedly bogged down. Is this just an issue related to the change in how the vehicles drive? This has worked just fine since March on a number of different versions.