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  1. Nuinethir

    Giving up on Patch 155

    I am just annoyed by the vehicles bouncing around and having the control scheme of a homeless person that got drunk on isopropyl alcohol from Walmart. Until this is fixed, I can't be bothered fighting vehicle movement. Honestly, I couldn't care less about the RNG of research or other things. Getting vehicle movement/mechanics fixed is top of my list.
  2. Nuinethir


    An hour before you found Compound? Really? I find that hard to believe. There is usually at least one Compound and Resin by the landing site. Sometimes it is obscured by the contour of the land and draw distance. Pick a direction, run straight out and keep your head on a swivel, and turn around once you hit 50% oxygen. Repeat until you have found some.
  3. I am at a point that it has become increasingly frustrating to drive vehicles around with the current control scheme. I would like the WASD to control forwards, backwards, turn left/right, and leave the mouse completely independent to look around. Backing up to fix a Winch release, maneuvering in caves, etc, it just isn't fun for me anymore, to the point I just save and quit and do something else. Please fix vehicles on the next patch. Thank you.
  4. Nuinethir


    Good in theory, but mechanics already available in the game make that unnecessary, especially with Compound nodes that regenerate (so no reason not to have Tethers). I also have a "carry in, carry out" rule when I am done with a mine, which means reclaiming all Tethers I dropped. Also, you might want to make a Rover especially for power/oxygen. My current setup is Truck (driving), Truck (storage), Truck (storage), Rover (power/oxygen generator). Drop the "caboose" off at the entrance, then drive in and do my business. It makes it easy to haul artifact chests out as well as have constant power for the Deform tool.
  5. Nuinethir

    Screenshots Megathread

    Kept restarting the game to get a better base with aesthetics, however, I think this one will work...
  6. Nuinethir

    Alien Ruins

  7. It already takes 16 energy units, where other platforms only use 8. I would rather just raise the values of other items to make Hydrazine sell at a set value, just make it super grindy.
  8. Nuinethir

    Being able to choose the landing spot

    I like to start my game with some resources nearby, but some of the seeds/drop areas are just barren and flat (a few times it dropped me in a ravine). Unless our little space station is in a geosynchronous orbit, can we get some kind of orbital view to select where we land?
  9. Nuinethir

    Advanced Tethers

    +1 Stronger lights are always appreciated.
  10. Actually, this would be a good implementation. People who need to offload surplus can get something in return; those looking to make Hydrazine refinement their main priority will see a much reduced return on investment.
  11. Nuinethir

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    This guy gets it. A forum is a place for open discussion. It also lets the developers have a pulse on what the community thinks of their work and what is good and what needs improvement. There are things that they may not have thought of or are still working towards, and listening to the community helps them be more successful in that respect.
  12. Nuinethir

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    Guys, please check my proposed change for Hydrazine in relation to trading. I think it makes it more feasible without being totally game-breaking. I would appreciate more input for visibility.
  13. Nuinethir


    +1 Close the pod bay doors, HAL.
  14. Agreed on both counts. Coming from a Minecraft Feed The Beast perspective, you should start mining fuel first before you learn to harness the sun. Start the Astroneer with a single Solar panel to do with as they please (backpack, base, or vehicle) and make them research for the recipe. The recipe for Solar should also be changed. I am thinking Copper (since there is no silicon resource). Otherwise, I can just farm Compound and Resin, which are quite plentiful from regenerating nodes on the planet surface, and create a solar farm within a few minutes of landing. Edit - Oh yeah, Hydrazine should be able to be burned by the generator for power.