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    Vehicle removal needed

    heh I just bury them... cuz if you cant see it through something like dirt, it wont show up on the map. At least that's how it seems to work for me. It might be more helpfull to be able to upgrade certain vehicles.. like the shuttles.
  2. Daya

    Naming storage

    Perhaps a filtered storage that would pull the resources from other storage items it is connected to like on a platform or rover, for ease of shipping. Ever sit down and sort your base items out so you know what you need to make and then scroll through the printer list on that same platform.. thing will pull off resources and replace them randomly on all the storages.. Maybe something like hold F when mousing over a medium storage... and you set a resource type sort of simple option on like the medium storages.
  3. Daya

    EVA idea

    zero g resource development
  4. Daya

    EVA idea

    Maybe some kind of space station players could build up there. The question however is, for what purpose.
  5. Daya


    The secret is.. Put the extender bundle on the top left slot so you can press C to deploy them.. or V if you want the other side of the auxiliary ports on your backpack.. at least I think that is what they are called. Well that is all dandy and all there but that just puts them on the ground. Of course it does, but I wasn't finished. Go grab a cable plug and pull it out as far as it will go, from anything you want. Now with the extenders on your pack (on the top side ports), and the cable pulled out to where you want it, press that C/V button. The power cable ribbon will stop at it's maximum range and angles, and the extender should be placed down at the end of the cable as you want it. At least this is how I've been doing extenders lately..
  6. Daya

    Methane powered generator

    This is just semantics though. I can go and get a bunch of batteries and do the same. Or a soil centrifuge and just keep making organics for running small generators, or go that extra step for medium generators. I'm not saying we should be able to power up an atmospheric condensor indeffinately. This idea should be more along the lines of build up enough methane that you can bottle it and run it in a generator on a rover and not have to worry about needing to lug a battery down there. Really though, it may sound like infinite power, but its really not. You do need to also remember you can't get methane on every planet, so you'll have to go back and get more anyhow eventually. Solar and wind provide "infinite" power as they never need repairs but always work when the sun is out or the wind blowing. Generators take a resource to make power, that is what you call "Finite". To address your specific concern, its a real simple fix. You take the generator that will take methane and make sure it will not put out enough power on its own to power up the atmospheric condenser.
  7. Daya

    Methane powered generator

    Maybe this should be an alternative for powering rovers. With no reliable wind source, and a somewhat lack of planet life, some places like Desolo and deep mining operations could use some kind of fuel source... for when we aren't literally basking in the short sunlife and don't yet have RTGs.
  8. How about... an option to make vehicles turn semi transparent when the camera is bouncing off of terrain or forced to closer to the vehicle or something like that.
  9. you technically are not actually stuck on Desolo. You should be able to find the laterite in the ground still there. Ammonium is also in small pockets on Desolo. Though I personally find a soil centrifuge a better answer to my common material needs.. Otherwise you could always ask a friend or someone to come bring you a new engine 😛
  10. Daya

    Multiplayer frame rate

    Yeah this has been and still is an issue for us on steam as well. It seems to get worse when you go visit other planets, making it difficult to get all the achievements or objectives even.
  11. Yeah a save game time out event should occur which prevents saving the game until atleast a minute or so, perhaps even configurable in settings... would be very nice. But at the same time I'd also personally like to see the game autosave options be a thing..
  12. Got any hardware specs to post? Is that an old or fresh installation of the game? if old you should probably go clear out the data folders.. %localappdata%\Astro\Saved go there (put that in a run box(windows key + R)) I found that my friend with an old install wasnt able to load into my game with old configs still.. may be relevant to hosts too.. it would also be helpfull to note what drivers you do or do not have installed for your hardware and if you have installed something like the direct x runtime environment
  13. Daya


    It sounds a bit like you are behind a firewall or router. a quick google search seems to lead me to here first.
  14. Ok so I can't edit my own post. Ok well intentional double posting I guess. fix found for our issue.. go here %localappdata%\astro\saved delete everything but your SaveGames -edited cuz.. this is more accurate apparently.
  15. Even the ability to choose "fresh start" when connecting would resolve the issue in part.