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  1. Agree that manual game saves, or maybe keeping multiple saves a version or two back, is a good solution. I still vote that forced re-spawning should be available, too. If anyone doesn't like that option they simply don't have to use it. I find it preferable to losing everything just as I'm about to finish the game. I'm an old timer with over 1300 hours in the game going back to early Alpha. I'm also a software developer so appreciate that bugs are inevitable but being able to re-spawn right now would be such an easy fix for a problem that's not a consequence of my own actions and, apparently, unsolvable is something the devs do need to address in some way.
  2. I just had a similar issue happen to me. Every Gateway on every planet activated except the Atrox engine. Just about to activate the engine and "finish" the game when I fell into, I believe, one of the legs leading toward the engine. I've tried everything to get out. Since it is impossible to die here and, judging by the lack of responses... I'm guessing I'm just out of luck. Perhaps there needs to be some kind of self-annihilation as a last resort method of overcoming bugs like this.
  3. The latest vehicle update defaulting to absolute steering prompted me to finally make this suggestion. Thanks for the option to go back to camera steering, btw. I'm on Windows using Steam and have 800 hours in the game. Admittedly some of those are when physically away while research crunches along but I'm clearly addicted and have loved the game since early pre-alpha.. Perhaps I'm in a small minority, but I prefer camera steering for everything... vehicles and player. As a result, I've spent most of those 800 hours with my finger pressing the right mouse button. I've tried absolute steering, I've tried a controller. I can make them all work but I just really prefer steering by point of view. I apologize if I've missed it somewhere else but don't see an option or references to a request/suggestion to somehow make camera steering possible without holding down a button. Am I missing something?
  4. I happen to be on a new planet. The small fabricator can no longer stand on its own which means it can't be connected to power which means I can't build anything on the new planet. Nothing that had "legs" before works and had me scratching my head on the new planet. Game is physically unplayable right now. I'm stuck on a new planet with no way to even make fuel to get off. Thought it might be a save game thing so started a new game. Still no legs - but at least we have the resource pack on a new game.
  5. It's common on some planets but quite rare, in my experience, on Terran if it exists at all.
  6. No crash or strange behavior that I'm aware of but I logged in today after playing a save game yesterday and the save game had disappeared. Oddly, an older save game is still there. All ended normally yesterday and I was surprised to find it missing. Not an issue for me but I thought you should know.
  7. Just want to echo the praise. I'm truly addicted. The graphics are stunning and I love where the game is going. Even the bugs add to the creative problem solving challenge. I almost enjoy digging my flipped vehicle out and get better at it every time! I know the devs need and want feedback around problems, issues and preferences - that's why we have access to such early development - but, when I spend as much time as I do in this game, there's clearly a lot already happening that's right!
  8. I use the heavens. Follow the rotation of the stars; Against the rotation of stars. Perpendicular to the stars, etc.... I don't even bother with the compass most of the time and it seems to work well so far.
  9. I am not averse to change and am all for making things more difficult. I enjoy pre-alpha play to see the game evolve but I agree with many of the negative comments here. When I've been playing a new game for several hours and could now build a 3-seater spaceship except that I still don't have a printer or vehicle bay, something's just not right. I have nothing much to show for hours of exploration and research but a pile of useless hydrazine which seems to be the overwhelmingly dominant research reward right now. I have so much hydrazine that it's hard to believe things are really random. I'm afraid I'm quickly getting frustrated with a game I've spent more hours playing, and enjoying, than I care to admit.