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  1. Thank you folks, I'll try again with this new information :-_)
  2. I tested my mouse buttons here: https://www.onlinemictest.com/mouse-test/. They work fine.
  3. On PC, deform speed and size menus are accessed via X and Z in combination with the middle mouse button. This doesn't work for me - nothing happens. I've got a Logitech MX 5-button mouse, and I tried all the buttons. Still nothing. I don't have any customizations set in the Logitech menus, and my middle mouse button works fine in other apps. Any ideas?
  4. Weird - Steam didn't tell me it updated. But indeed, I've got the update on Win 7!!!!
  5. Nothing yet on Win 7. But really? XBox before PC? That may be a first for System Era
  6. Yeah, you're right. I was thinking the same things after I posted. Free everything! Make your own restraints.
  7. I've spent a few hours in the Terrain 2.0 moon, and here are my thoughts: LOVE create mode / plinth! More on that below Planet surface sucks for driving - got frustrated, wiped my save, started over. Caves suck for driving - didn't even bother trying after seeing Z1 Gaming explore them The lack of storms is a hugely refreshing change!!! In general, I like the previous planets better. Even more, if they were storm-free. For a production creative mode, here are my suggestions: The plinth gives all basic materials, but none that are products of the smelter
  8. Love the new release! I'm especially intrigued by the 'wrecked' spaceport. It's got me wondering if we'll soon be building our own 'working' space ports. On the down side, I'm really sick of the storms. You might as well CRASH TO DESKTOP, since the game is essentially unplayable for a minute or more.
  9. I just updated to 0.6.6 on Windows 7. Opened an existing save from yesterday - only one base on Terran at this point. The game crashed within one minute after a few interactions with a small generator. The small generator can no longer stand on it's own. Is that intentional? So I plugged it into my trade station, connected my trade station to an Extra Large Platform with two smelters on it (I know what some of you are thinking), and then the crash occurred. I didn't see a crash dump anywhere, or an option to send in a report. And... on the main menu, existing saves no longer
  10. Excepting the tone of frustration, I agree. My fingers don't want those two things on the same key for some reason.
  11. I'm on Radiated, with a small base in a first-level cave just down from the surface. Every 30-60 minutes, I get launched through the ceiling, high above the surface, and then fall to my death. I"m on PC/Steam - Windows 7. I initially thought it was one geographical location that triggered this, but now it's happened 3 or 4 times in slightly different areas of the cave. Come to think of it, I also had a large shuttle decide to park itself upside down on Terran about 100 feet from the surface. Same save. I hope I don't have to start a new save :-(
  12. Astroneer (Steam) just updated again, but the patch number hasn't increased - still at 6.2.0. I wonder what changed?
  13. @SES_joe Was it intentional to remove the ability to fly a shuttle using only a habitat?
  14. Same here - large shuttle, two large storage, one habitat, and I can't launch. But wait, mine gets betters. I put a 1-seat on it to see if it would launch, but no luck. When I exited the 1-seat, my shuttle flew away and is now hovering above my base!