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    make plants drop organic

    I just think that the plants should drop organic. seems logical enough, and would give much more use for generators and these cactus plant seeds
  2. 000_xxX_SpaceWizard_Xxx_000

    Trade Platform should use fuel and sell more items

    It's a bit weird how you get less items then you gave in the trade platform. If you used fuel and got the same amount of items that would balance it out, and would give an important use and some love to hydrazin! There is already a limited amount of materials in the game, and if you lost some and simply didn't get them back it would be kind of useless to use the trade platform. It would also be a bit better if the trade platform would cost 2 titanium instead, if you implemented this feature. It would also be great if you could sell, but not buy, all T-1 (and maybe T-2 once you get bigger things in the game) items except for hydrazin. Sorry for wasting your time.
  3. 000_xxX_SpaceWizard_Xxx_000

    Astroneer Development Roadmap: Pre-Alpha And Beyond

    It is really great that you are communicating more with the community and that you posted the road map! I love your game and have over 100 hours of play time, but the lack of planets and depth in base building is starting to be a problem. I think your game has a lot of potential, but is still in an early stage of development to see if it will be good. The 2 things I most want to see in the game are automation and more base building mechanics. Good luck, your game is one of my favorites!
  4. 000_xxX_SpaceWizard_Xxx_000

    Floating items

    When leaving an item(such as a research, a gadget, matirials, rocks) that is effected by gravity on the ground and going away, when coming back and reloading that item, most of the time it will float above the ground a meter or two. This may seem like it's not a problem at all, but one time I saw a chair hovering near the top of a large hill, that I remember putting at ground level. This can cause importent items to fly so high you wouldn't even see them clearly and start thinking they disappeard. It happened to pretty much everything that wasn't stuck in the ground or safe at my base while I was playing on pc(steam), version 153 lots of people probably wrote about this already, so sorry for wasting your time.
  5. 000_xxX_SpaceWizard_Xxx_000

    Research items cliping through the ground

    If you move your camera fast enough while holding a research item from one point to another then quickly let go, the research item doesn't have enough time to get to your pointer so some parts of it may have been going through the ground the, making whole research go through the ground and get stuck in deep caves out of reach, or the center of the planet. This happened to me a lot of times while playing on pc(steam), with mouse and keyboard at version 153. Tons of people probably wrote about this already, so sorry if i wasted your time