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  1. Great job, SES! The extra week of waiting was worth it! I've only played 30 mins or so, it feels a little strange to lay platforms anywhere I want instead of going along a very precise geometric layout but I'm sure I'll get used to it pretty quick ... I also like the way the smelter works now and being able to feed raw ore continuously instead of processing by batches. Or interrupting smelting and being able to restart and not waste resources.
  2. Indeed, beacons hiding behind clouds aren't very helpful, especially against a blue sky. A partial fix for the beacons that you make and drop on the ground, click their icon to cycle through colors.
  3. JE PENSSE que cette suggestionb nj'a toujours pas été proposée... j'espère

    Un interrupteur ON/OFF pour la petite génératrice (et aussi pour celle qui fonctionne au charbon), c'est une suggestion qui revient assez souvent ici. Le moteur de recherche de ce forum n'est pas tellement efficace, on obtient de bien meilleurs résultats avec Google ou Bing ou tout autre site. @SES: anyone working on an ON/OFF switch for both generators? If nobody is at the moment, is it on the to-do list?
  4. It’s FEBRUARY!!

    @Shadow Echo I don't have an account with Imgur and I can see the screenshots and post the link (which I found on reddit). So I'm a bit puzzled as to why, if I understand correctly, you see unrelated content.
  5. It’s FEBRUARY!!

    I first heard about the Feb 14 stream an reddit, where someone posted the screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/1u7PM#wz5C458 If you want to see how the power connectors pulse, here's the link to the stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/229102356
  6. It’s FEBRUARY!!

    Only responding to the first line, I haven't read the rest of the post. There was a stream on Twitch on Feb 14. Summary: the patch drops in the second half of next week (end of the week?) and there will be around 12 new pieces of art (base modules and ???) we haven't seen before. Worth checking mostly for the 2 screenshots, one showing a base with the new modules/power connectors and what looks like a remote solar power farm.
  7. Toggle Augments

    Yes, that would be very helpful. I doubt many people consider swapping augments back and forth between backpack and deforming tool "interesting gameplay".
  8. It’s FEBRUARY!!

    I'm totally with you.
  9. Tether Droppings

    Or just have 2 different keybinds for tethers: 1) drop on the ground as it currently does and 2) do it the old way and put the tether in my Astroneer's hand and that's one click less.
  10. My take is that worms/sarlaccs have a highly acidic digestive system and everything that falls in is lost forever.
  11. Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    The good: there are interesting ideas and concepts in the game. The problematic: at this early stage in game development, those ideas and concepts sometimes appear not to fit together, to pull the game in opposite directions and we're no longer sure what the game wants to be about. Exploration? Isn't that supposed to be one of the main reasons the game exists? Well, no need to, we can get all the resources we need with the mineral extractor and the trade platform. Same with research and base building, no need to go on research chest-hunting expeditions when all we have to do is to mine sediment, convert into byte-rich resources and feed those onto research stations. Creative mode? Well, it's not really creative mode either as we still need to harvest or grind before we can research or built the most interesting base modules. The hopeful: looking forward to Research 2.1, with items that instantly grant research points and unlockable blueprints that can only be found out in the world and never be unlocked via the catalog. And scaling base building too.
  12. Recycling various items

    Are you familiar with the expression "the solution is getting bigger than the problem"? We may recycle a few small items printed with the backpack and then the machine would sit there and do nothing. And that machine would probably cost more than the resources it reformed. How do we recycle it? That's getting too Inception-like, my head is hurting.
  13. More Things to do and Some of My Ideas

    Have a look at the Astroneer roadmap at https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-development-roadmap and you'll get an idea of what's planned for future updates. To make the map easier to read, click the little colored bars to expand them into headings.
  14. Recycling various items

    I'd like to recycle old components as much as you do but there is one problem. Let's say recycling gives back 50% (or 25%) of the resources used to craft the item. We'd end up with fractional pieces of copper, aluminium, etc. and they could become a hassle to store, manage and recombine into full ingots.
  15. resource compactor

    Getting off-topic here, apologies... It has been a while since I played MC but won't a block of coal burn 9 times as long as a regular piece of coal? If so, a compactor to make MC-style blocks would answer your wish for extra potency under a smaller volume.