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  1. Eoghan


    On a recent stream, there was mention of an updated roadmap coming soon. Looking at it, several items were archived on March 15. Is this the updated roadmap or just a cleanup before the update? https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-development-roadmap
  2. Same thing here. Steam version on Windows 10.
  3. Eoghan

    Entering rover

    Steam version on Windows 10: I have a similar problem. The way around it is to remove the seat from the rover, put it back on, and then the "E" key will allow you to get into the rover and drive as you wish.
  4. Eoghan

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    Astroneer: where air is the new food! (not making fun of you, I thought the food vs. air was a good comparison)
  5. Eoghan Stream on Mixer (March 14)

    Ooops, I typed that in a hurry and forgot to paste the link https://mixer.com/Astroneer?vod=23850389
  6. The stream's title is "Night Before UpdateMas". Your guess as to what that means is as good as mine... P.S.: The stream goes on for around 2 hours, I haven't had the time to watch it and I don't know what's in it.
  7. Eoghan

    March Update Info

    @TrojanSteel and @Martin , thank you for your replies. There was a post on twitter to advertise the March 12 stream on Steam but I didn't check it until the next day and as I couldn't find it, I wrongly assumed it had been cancelled at the last minute. After seeing your replies, I did a bit of digging and found out that unlike what happens with Twitch or Mixer, streams on Steam are not saved and cannot be watched at a later date (which I didn't know at the time).
  8. 200% with you. Storage laying flat on the entire platform is way more practical, whether the platform is up against a wall (easier to deposit/grab items) or on the ground (can see what's on the entire storage without having to go check the other side).
  9. Eoghan

    March Update Info

    About those 600 who were online "last night", was it when you watched an old stream or a new stream on March 12? If the latter, where was it? I checked both twitch and mixer and there wasn't anything new since last time I went. And how did people knew he was streaming?
  10. Eoghan

    March Update Info

    A few days ago there was a stream on mixer and it showed the new base platforms/modules we'll get with the March update. And the new rovers too. Since I didn't see any mention of it in the forums, here's the link: https://mixer.com/Astroneer?vod=22966640 Ranty Part: @SES, It's not the first time I have to rely on Twitter to find out about streams (Twitch or Mixer) that weren't advertised here on the forums. If I only relied on the forums here for information, I'd feel like a second class citizen. It's great that you post notices on Twitter but not everybody has the time, or inclination, to follow you on multiple platforms. Please remember there is life outside Discord. [edit] P.S.: The new stuff looks great.
  11. A few extra tips for newcomers to this forum: Your base is at the equator and the thick band of stars marks the equator. Knowing that may help you find your way back. Check the position of the sun in the sky (it rises west and sets east). As you drive, when your base beacon is almost on the horizon, create a 45-ish degree ramp pointing to your base and place a beacon at the top. Repeat procedure when that beacon is almost out of sight.
  12. My Astroneer's backpack recharges when I am tethered to my base. Somewhat related to what you experience but I don't know if it is intended or not.
  13. Great job, SES! The extra week of waiting was worth it! I've only played 30 mins or so, it feels a little strange to lay platforms anywhere I want instead of going along a very precise geometric layout but I'm sure I'll get used to it pretty quick ... I also like the way the smelter works now and being able to feed raw ore continuously instead of processing by batches. Or interrupting smelting and being able to restart and not waste resources.
  14. Indeed, beacons hiding behind clouds aren't very helpful, especially against a blue sky. A partial fix for the beacons that you make and drop on the ground, click their icon to cycle through colors.
  15. Eoghan

    JE PENSSE que cette suggestionb nj'a toujours pas été proposée... j'espère

    Un interrupteur ON/OFF pour la petite génératrice (et aussi pour celle qui fonctionne au charbon), c'est une suggestion qui revient assez souvent ici. Le moteur de recherche de ce forum n'est pas tellement efficace, on obtient de bien meilleurs résultats avec Google ou Bing ou tout autre site. @SES: anyone working on an ON/OFF switch for both generators? If nobody is at the moment, is it on the to-do list?