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  1. As per the link, it seems to be about game performance. I haven't bothered watching it and cannot tell if it is worth your time or not. And as usual, no mention of it here... https://twitter.com/astroneergame/status/1103464397131804673
  2. Eoghan

    Dev chat on Twitch

    Was posted a few days ago, haven't seen any mention of it here...
  3. Eoghan

    Vehicle Beacons

    I miss them too. Why remove them? Another of those strange decisions you just can't understand the logic behind it. (I know, I can craft a beacon and put it next to my vehicle when I venture out. It's not "interesting gameplay", it's a useless hassle.) And still on vehicles, why no compass when driving? Is getting out of a vehicle to determine if we are still going in the right direction "fun" and "interesting gameplay"? [end rant]
  4. Eoghan


    No worries, discussion is healthy and good ideas/suggestions can come out of it. And re-reading myself a couple days later, my comment comes across harsh, which wasn't my intention.
  5. Eoghan


    Scroll down this section and you'll find a long thread on storms. Reminds me a bit of alpha days when people were asking for guns to kill things. Now that I have used the G-word and the K-word I'll go stand in the corner for 5 minutes as my well-deserved punishment.
  6. You can also check reddit. More "useful" posts than you'll find here and the community is very helpful.
  7. Eoghan


    Why insisting there should be storms, optional or not, on all planets? Would it be such a terrible thing for the starter/training planet not to have them? Piece of unsolicited advice: one of the best ways to get something you want is to be willing to make compromises. An "I want it all" approach seldom works and you risk ending up with nothing.
  8. Eoghan


    My thoughts go in a similar direction: keep them off on the starter planet and make them optional on the other planets. And if they are optional, would players be able to toggle them on/off at will or make a choice at first landing on a planet and then have to live with their choice whenever they are on that planet?
  9. Eoghan


    Indeed! On a new game, with no work light, exploring caves is not "will I die?" but "when will I die?".
  10. Eoghan

    Research Aid

    Thx! We didn't have those resource symbols last time I played about a year ago. So early in the game, it didn't occur to me to link the symbol over the socket and a specific resource.
  11. Eoghan

    1.0 Lock modules to platforms while connected

    I was about to suggest the same thing. Shouldn't be too hard to implement.
  12. Eoghan

    Research Aid

    Found this 30 minutes into a new 1.0 game. Haven't tried to unlock yet. P.S.: Good work SES. I hadn't played or come here for almost a year and so far I am very happy with the new release.
  13. Eoghan


    On a recent stream, there was mention of an updated roadmap coming soon. Looking at it, several items were archived on March 15. Is this the updated roadmap or just a cleanup before the update? https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-development-roadmap