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  1. Garage for the rovers

    A simpler solution: tone down the effects of storms on vehicles so that they no longer flip or get blown away when anchored to your base.
  2. Small cart like in the old mines

    I often carry a small storage (the 8-slot kind) with me when spelunking in resource-rich caves. Saves a few trips. And I agree that some kind of cart or forklift vehicle would be great.
  3. French language

    I am not going to make any friends here but ... Once the game hits gold and reaches a wider audience, language-specific fora would be a good way to help new players. AT THIS STAGE of development however, I'm not sure what would be gained or accomplished by creating linguistic ghettos. That and where to find/allocate precious time and resources to moderate such sections. If you have a great idea that could influence the final product, share it with the entire community so that the entire community can see it and comment. Same with questions, they are far more likely to be answered if the entire community can see them. Granted, Google translate can produce "interesting" output at times but it still allows you to interact with the entire community. A language-based section doesn't. BTW, I am not a "linguistic redneck" who can't understand why the entire world "refuses" to speak English, I am a native speaker of French. And, @Wyvyrias, this post is NOT a sneaky way to offer my services as moderator.
  4. Remove or Recycling Buildings

    One recent vlog showed base structures that could be picked up and moved around the base. Hopefully, that will include the ability to delete/recycle unwanted structures as well. Fingers crossed!
  5. Excavation Update - Tethers

    I second @ThePlumGate. Having tethers dropping at the Astroneer's foot may be helpful while on the surface but when exploring vast cave systems (and keeping tethers on the right-hand side wall to avoid getting lost), the extra step gets annoying pretty quickly. Overall, the effect is net loss as we drop far more tethers below the surface than we do above ground. And a simple solution is to have one key for "drop tether at my foot" and another for "do it the old way".
  6. Food Update

    Just another bar to keep an eye on. And as others have pointed out, our backpacks already don't have enough slots to keep all the life-support aids, canisters, and resources we want. That and a general lack of base storage to keep already grown food.
  7. Aside from always placing tethers on the right (or left) hand side of the wall and using the deforming tool to make arrows, you can also use oxygen/power stacks as breadcrumbs (they glow in the dark and are easily seen from a distance, especially when placed ontop a short pedestal).
  8. Re: SES VLog 22

    Good catch! Looking forward to Research 2.0 making it to the experimental build, in case anyone from SES is reading...
  9. FWIW: you usually get better results searching from Google than from the in-forum bar.
  10. Small Generator Suggestion

    I've been away for a little while and I am replying late but... YES, pretty please with lots of comet dust on top of it. If a civilization can make it to other solar systems, chances are they've figured out the great mystery of the ON/OFF switch at some point in their history and passed the knowledge from generation to generation.
  11. Aliens

    I'm not sure either if aliens (even the peaceful kind) would fit in the game but... ancient ruins from a long-dead civilization, as others have already asked for, would be interesting. But here again, I'm not sure how those would fit either and how what exactly they'd add to gameplay.
  12. Zombie Astronauts?

    If I see a car with a bumper sticker saying "Whole Hearted Cynic", I'll know it's you, I'll honk and wave hello. Then, you will see the "Half Assed Cynic" bumper sticker, you'll know it's me and you can honk and wave back.
  13. Zombie Astronauts?

    Sorry if my "half assed cynicism" offended you. My initial reply (with the obvious and intentional flaws in its logic) was very clearly meant to be taken with a good pinch of salt. Not as a personal attack but as exasperation at seeing yet another "I want monsters" post. That same exasperation can also be seen in the other comments to your post. Read the 2 topics pinned at the top of this section. And while you are at it, scan the other pages for suggestion titles. Monsters (i.e. ambulatory, hostile creatures players must kill before they get killed by them) have been suggested many times. Too many times. SES has already said, more than once, they had no plans to have monsters in the game. No matter what you call them, no matter where they come from, no matter how they attack players, no matter how players kill them, they do not belong to this happy, optimistic and relaxing game. Off to play with my Hello Kitty action figures. I sure hope no mean nasty ugly monster tries to kill them. [Salt shaker emoticon]
  14. Zombie Astronauts?

    If I commented on that one, I could end up in trouble considering that are minors frequenting this forum.
  15. Zombie Astronauts?

    Little-known fact: SES is as much opposed to can openers as they are to having guns in the game, which makes in-game zombies impossible. How so? Follow the thinking: We know as a fact there won't be can openers in the game. Now, how could a zombie astroneer attempt to eat your brain without a can opener to get the top off your helmet first? And what use is there for zombies that can't even eat braaaaaiiiiinnnnnsssss? None! That's why there can't be zombies in the game. QED P.S.: