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  1. I feel actually sorry for you. I think you installed Astroneer at the worst possible moment, with this totally failed patch. Honestly, i played 3 hours on this patch, for the curiosity of new research, and gave up (until they fix it, because the research algorithm is obviously bad as of right now + they made the game more difficult in a lot of ways just suddenly). You should try again later, when the vehicle bay/printer are back, since they obviously got lost somewhere in the hyperspace. For the fps, worked for me, you can try this (the code is in the video description) :
  2. Same as everybody else (no printer, no vehicle bay after 2 and 1/2 hours of new game test, 4 different caves, 200 teathers in every direction, etc...), mentionned it on the patch thread. Mostly a frustrating experience so far. SO, something else: what about the "elevator nerf" (not mentionned in the patch note i think). Can't elevate yourself with the terraformer anymore. HUGE disapointment for me. Not only it was fun, it was also extremly practicale in many ways. What's your opinion on this?
  3. Le Dru

    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    Well, 2 and 1/2 hours, 4 different caves, 200 teathers in all directions, research gave me battery, dynamite, power cells, filters, shuttle, etc... but no printer, no vehicle bay, not one module. I'm tired of those caves, honestly, and of bringing back those research chests without vehicles. I'm done for now... Be very attentive to new players's opinions in the days to come to see the amount of frustration coming from this hardcore update. Oh, and last but not least, very disappointed by a nerf you didn't mention: can't elevate yourself with the terraform anymore. Not only it was fun, but also extremly practical in different ways. Maybe it produced a few bugs, but it was so worth it IMO.
  4. Le Dru

    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    Copy-paste from Steam, just in case : Ok. Just tried a new game for a short time, to see how this research update was going. I think you're going (partially) in the wrong direction with this (i'm only talking about the Research, not tried the added tool yet, which look fun). It's probably in big part due to the printer / vehicle station engine being removed from the start (ouch!..). I dont mind having more research to do. Is it fun...? hmm... maybe for new players, it can. But if i have to make kilometres by foot with my chests, just because i haven't found the vehicle station research early, it's going to be pretty boring pretty fast. If you want to make things "more fun", you have to avoid the repetitivity, and it looks like you risk to go into a bad repetitive corner with this research thing. There's a balance to find here, and i think you've gone too hard with this patch : only 2 modules to start, research going random and harder, no more hydrazine trade (which needed a clear nerf, and yes, it was absurd in the first place, but now you need to add some use for this hydrazine or it becomes a pretty useless ressource, unless you move from planet to planet every 2 days). I think you have other ways to make the game harder AND funnier at the same time (which is probably the good direction). Keeping faith, still an amazing game, with colossal potential! Keep the good work, guys!