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    How Do I get access to 1.0 version?

    Thanks. That did it. 👍
  2. I bought during the Alpha build. I haven't played in a while and I seem to be running the 0.10.5 release still. How do I get access to the 1.0 build?
  3. Actually I have never tried to use it. Does it make everything the medium fabricator does?
  4. Make it so the medium fabricator or medium printer can produce other medium fabricators to take over to other bases. I want my other bases, especially the ones on other planets to be independent of each other.
  5. Glenn Crider

    Can I use the trade platform to obtain Titanium?

    Yeah, I just figured that out. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Can the trade platform be used to obtain lithium, coal, or titanium? I filled it with 8 compound but the yield says 0. I can't seem to add any more compound. Do I use something else other than compound? Is there a wiki page I can refer to?
  7. In this version, as in past versions, my avatar continues to run even after I have released the forward arrow / W key. It eventually stops but not before plummeting down into a cave to my death. I am able to steer the avatar in a different direction but unable to stop it.
  8. Yes, input lag is a good way to describe what is happening. How do I verify the game files?
  9. This does not happen with any other applications and my keyboard is fine. I have not changed the configs. The same thing happens when I am filling in a hole. When I release the left mouse button, the terrain tool keeps firing for a few seconds more.
  10. When I move my avatar using the W key, it keeps running even after I release the W key. It eventually stops but sometimes it stops after I've fallen down a cliff or run into a poisonous plant. Please fix.
  11. Glenn Crider

    How Do I Add a 5th Platform?

    Yeah, I was afraid of that. I did see a post somewhere that asked for future game upgrades and one was "ability to delete platforms".
  12. Glenn Crider

    How Do I Add a 5th Platform?

    I see, so the larger platforms can't be expanded but small ones can. How do I delete a platform then?
  13. In my 3rd day of playing and having fun so far. I already have a Vehicle Bay, Printer, Research, and Smelter attached to my habitat. I don't see a way too add a 5th platform for trading. Is it possible or am I limited to 4 platforms? Thanks.