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  1. After some more gametime i finaly found me a printer, took me 5 hours and bases on other planets. What i never used was the smelter, i had whole to dump the many resources in cause no storage. So how about you give us the printer right away and take away the smelter. That way people can actualy build some of the other items they research and basebuilding isnt limited to placing powerlines. Performance increases are nice. Modable tool is also great.
  2. man i really hope there is gonne be a fast patch for the missing printer & vehicle bay cause for everyone that reinstalled to play the update or people that buy the game new now wont be able to progress or really play at all
  3. Cidem

    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    think you overdone this one a little by not giving us a printer & vehicle bay
  4. Same issue here. Started a new game after the update, been playing for like 90min, lots of research big base, tho sadly no vehicle bay option and no printer