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  1. Build Cities

    Well for One Thing.... It would give Joe's Space Snail something to knock over and eat once in a while..........
  2. pets

    Bring on the Space Snails
  3. SES Vlog 027 - A New Habitat!

    Still love the look of the new hab..... but .... I feel the team missed an opportunity to use a section of the crashed wrecks that would have the added features of the new hab added to a standard section.... Doing such would really Segway into Wreck Recovery in Future Updates..... Ok..Ok..... It was just a passing Idea...........
  4. Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    Normally I have hear it as Opinions are like Belly Buttons...Everybody has one...... But I kind of like your version in this case....... I believe I will adopt your version in my future vocabulary. I have to completely disagree with you on this comment and in this case Think 'you' fully missed the point.... Astroneer is finally in Alpha stage.....It has had its ups and downs since it came out....The Dev team has suffered a couple huge setbacks and fortunately a bunch of advancements all the time still being playable. There have been a few exploits that have been added and a few that have been retired and I have played hours and hours with each of them...... but back to where I feel you missed the point. The Trade Platform and the Mineral Extractor being lumped into the same bag of Evil in your opinion.... So What.... I use to be able to generate Hydrazine and Trade it for minerals (All the while being on business calls) for hours at a time. Now I can do the same basic thing with The Mineral Extractor and a bit more Effort. Be certain that new things will be added to the game and old ones retired that are just as Evil in the future.... Play With It! What a bunch of the people that keep pushing Exploration as the only point of the game and that every Base related Platform is BAD! are not factoring in is that the more Exploration you do in the game, the more the game slows down (Especially on less optimum computers) and Even more so with multi player games. Given time the game will Optimize much of its code and make this better. Another point I find appalling is that many players either lack any self control to limit their own play style or keep pushing Astroneer to be like Minecraft or any number of other games...... I didn't buy into Astroneer to be any game except Astroneer.... If I wanted to play the other games I wouldn't be posting here. Create a set of limits on your game play and change the limits from one game to another and see if the fun doesn't come back for you. I often Play multi Player with One Last Midnight for his YouTube Channel..... Often we have crazy self imposed limits.... And we have a Blast. I really don't think our opinions are that far apart, but in forums its hard to get the inflexions an context of the writer..... I would say lets all get in a multi player game to the death.... but alas Astroneer has no guns......
  5. Space X launches Small Rover into Space.......

    OK Guys..... If Space X can do it in real life ....don't you think Exo Corp could do it in a game?
  6. How about Terraforming as a long-term goal?

    Just think of it this way...... if your awake at 3 am and have read all the other posts..... It gives you something else to read. Id love to have terraforming in game..... Maybe have to build a few hundred nugget atmospheric conversion platform/tower on each landing site of a planet and then wait....and wait...... and wait........ and wait........
  7. It’s FEBRUARY!!

    Maybe we should create a set of new Astroneeer based Holidays that occur on random days of the year and random days of the months so as to inspire excitement....... It would be nice to be a bit more informed and not have to search for that information in other places........ oh well....... A Boy Can Wish..........................
  8. Here! Here!...... or on Barren, Exotic, Radiated or Arid....... but definitely not Tundra
  9. SES Vlog 027 - A New Habitat!

    I love the new Animated Plant at 5:55..... cant wait to see it in game.......
  10. Not sure what the problem is.... I have printed the crane on the rover before.... it just becomes a Towed Trailer with a Crane? If you printed the crane or Large Storage on the vehicle with a piece of anything on the bed the printed item will fall off. I don't know what your problem with printing a large Storage on a Small Shuttle.... I do it all the time.... then use a Habitat as my control module. I don't feel PUNISHED!? I feel like the Poster may need more time in game to get past the Punishment..... For God Saak Dude.... its only a few pieces of compound and copper.
  11. Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    Again to much opinion shoved at players as facts and typically by people who hardly play the game.... Astroneer is its own game.... I hate it when people compare it to Minecraft and any other number of games. I also Hate it when people act like they know how to play the game by wanting everybody else to play their way. If you have a problem with a specific technology in the game.... act like an adult and put limits on yourself. I play with a number of other players like Onelastmidnight's YouTube Channel, who impose all kinds of rules for that particular event...... and we have a Blast. Remove options and you limit who I/we play. I don't understand the mindset of people thinking everything in a game has to be balanced to some ridiculous level, then want systems removed because it does not correspond to their VIEW of things. I have over 1500 hours in this game and see that as a tribute to System Era stumbling on something really great.
  12. One colorful request

    1500 hours..... here......... I understand your plight.
  13. One colorful request

    For the Fashion Conscious Astroneer.... I bet you want a Touch of Grey Suit.................... I've thought the same thing astrobuddy.... Click suit..... Click Base Color.....Click Accent Color...... and get launched to a horrible Landing Site because your colors are not welcome on the Space Station..... but at least we get to chose.... +100 on the idea
  14. I really wish the original post was not split up into 2 nearly identical posts as it triggers my OCD to complete a Sentence\Post\Paragraph..... OMG this planet only has a few hammers... and a few Nails....... Fungmar(the planet of Hammers) has tons of Hammers but no Nails... Walbang(planet of Nails) has nearly no Hammers but Nails everywhere..... WahWah(planet of bent nails) requires you to pull the nails out of trees...... Whamm(planet of Giant Hammers) only requires a crane size vehicle to swing the Hammer.... Now some game developer comes along and makes a Platform that upsets somebody and damnit now there are Screw Drivers in the game..... I hope this post is seen as the Comedy of the Post and the ensuing Silliness' I would just love to see a Patch in this game where people stop overthinking everything and play the game.