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  1. Hey Touch of Grey, Don't go shaken Sticks Around Here.... We haven't Scanned them to see if they're safe yet! And to any of you guys with no friends.... There's a pile of compound in the back Habitat... You can take up crafting.
  2. Ho Hummm…. Not holding my breath... After all I have this helmet on
  3. I just read that post TTOGG and am now looking for a bucket of water to dunk my helmet in before catching on Fire.....
  4. BRAVO! TTOGG...…… Couldn't say it any better myself And what's with the Attitude all the time over someone saying how many hours they have on a save or total game time.... When 1.0 came out Stream stole nearly 300 hours off my acct and nobody could explain how 2500 hours game time dropped to 2200 and some pocket change... Those are Frick'en achievements in my worthless opinion that players should be happy about not bitter as to. TTOGG... Again with my Opinion …. Your reasoning was very sound... don't waste your time explaining.....I use to and got burned out by the ignorance. Oh...Before I forget.... I think SES could have nerfed Astronium to 1000 points for 5-10 minutes but the current Nerf was Straight Out Stupid on their part.
  5. I am really starting to think SES has a twisted sense of humor ….. They blow up the FANs about stuff and give a crap version of the hype…. Massive Shredder cant even grind down the small platforms.... Even the small scrap shuttles found on the hunt...… even if you "Package" them...nothing. Then on top that the Extra Large Platform cant supply O2... and don't even get me started on the logic for smelters, moving items on platforms and storage. In My Opinion this kind of tech in the game feels like a personal insult. I gave up attempting to find out the current info on the game "Here on the Official Forum" and refuse to spend hours searching only to find out what's posted has nothing to do with reality. I still look forward to things getting better but cant get excited about stuff until I see huge improvements and by that time someone else will have probably created another game that instills the beauty of what Astroneer strived for. Hey Touch of Grey Gamer... Thanks for saying Hello! and Space Snail Greetings from me.
  6. I would remind people of the old days when Exotic had forests so thick you couldn't drive anywhere and I challenged people to build a base with nothing but resources dropped from what are now research pods...……..
  7. Well.... I waited patiently for the april/may update... and Here It Is! Only problem so far is that the game locks up every time I play ….in the worst case 30 seconds after opening and in the latest case about 7 minutes into game. I was able to research the big platform and the large shredder in 2 of my attempts to use them but I wouldn't know how well they work due to locking up. The funny part is the only way to escape the screen lock up is to force the computer to reboot... I am very disappointed in this release.
  8. Same thing has been happening to me.... In some cases I can start a new game but in all cases I cant open my main save.
  9. Isn't all this Scrap stuff just Garbage Posting.... ;}
  10. I don't see the problem..... maybe its time to shift to De-Caff
  11. Welcome Chloe.... What a attractive new team member.... but shouldn't you be wearing Blue Pajamas and a Helmet..... maybe a Deforming Tool? Ok...Ok... She's new around here.
  12. @bigessess.... Don't worry dude... I as well as many others on this forum totally get what your saying. Grey Matter (Brain cells] are getting very thin in space due to the lack of oxygen. To your point at the start of the Post.... yes some people on this forum have gone way out of their way to flame people, subjects and ideas they don't like... even to the point I have had to call the attention of the Moderators. To the Mods, thank you guys for the job that never really gets any add-a-boys. My suggestion is to look up how to block some peoples posts as they are always argumentative and negative in which to drag you into a fight. As a second note.... Just Post what you want... who cares anyway.... and if it is a problem the Mods will contact you to solve whatever the problem is.
  13. @Gray Mouser...…………. Really Dude? Gray states in the above post: "If you don't like the direction the team is taking the game, you are NOT required to play it. So don't. Don't you DARE come on here, insult the team with ignorance, and try to demand that they make the game the way YOU want it, or you WILL get the sharp end of the stick. Play the game you currently have in any way you want. Why should I care? But don't try to ruin MY way of playing the same game. If it's gonna be ruined, the dev team will do that all on their own, and don't need outside help. Sigh. </rant>" You really Think I care what you think after a STUPID Comment like that.... Really "Sharp End Of a Stick"..... Threatening somebody on a Forum?... Because that's the way you are? You know this is the very reason my friends wont let their kids participate on this forum. I think you need to asses your statement and apologize accordingly. I would understand a 14 year old acting like such but not an adult.
  14. That's funny.... I just leave the O2 tanks behind... I keep 2 on my Astrodude or vehicle and a couple more at the base... all found on the dead. I believe that when you Spawn a new game a bunch of random factors are established leading to FDAdS. (Funky Dead AstroDude Syndrome)…. caused by drinking Fermented Hooch made from Space Snail Poop