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  1. In Space....... No one can hear you MOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!
  2. That's what I understood it's the same Game engine just updated to 4.15..... for some reason I keep seeing and hearing people say SES changed Engines in which I point out Videos that show its still UE. Thank you Wyvyrias for the quick response I think people are mistaking changes of Terrain 2.0 and Research 2.0 implementation within the Game Engine which is a daunting task in itself.
  3. What's the deal with Astroneer changing its Game Engine I keep hearing about? As I understood from the beginning Astroneer was using Unreal Engine as the Driving Engine as I have seen in all the past videos..... and I understand from more recent posts and videos that SES has just upgraded to UE4.15? Its still just a update of UE..... Not a New Game Platform...... For some reason a bunch of people on YouTube and here on Forum have been stating that SES has "Just converted to a new Game Engine" like its some totally new platform? Am I missing the point or some new Content because based on everything I have been seeing is UE is still the Game Engine. Joe might clear this up a bit .... so everybody can understand where the Dev team is at in producing the game and everybody is informed on the correct information. If everybody spent a few hours watching Unreal Engine's Tutorial Videos I think they would have a whole new appreciation on how much work is going into this game... not to mention creation of custom coding to make Astroneer what we all want in a working game....
  4. The one Big Augment to my Previous comments is that I felt really let down that the Tethers got screwed over and dimmed...... several friends are ragging about patch updates..... I just ask them to be patient.
  5. On several occasions I've been killed getting out of my Truck when it was sitting totally still... I got out preformed several actions jumped back in and remembered I needed to do something else and when jumping out got killed.... when I respawned and went back to where my body was the truck was 10 or more tethers lengths away.... So it happens when things are not moving at all
  6. I am not entirely sure but I understand that SES has created the perfect RESEARCH System.... So perfect that not a single player would complain..... So perfect that it is Flawless...... Perfect..... Unconceivable...... So Joe Coded it to a Storage unit the size of a Medium Storage...Placed it on a Truck(Oops! Medium Rover) Drove it down a Cavern of the Deepest Sort on Radiated for Safe Keeping.... Then went home for the night...... In the Morning he returned to where he left the Truck only to find a STORM Swept it away.................. Happy Waiting.... to find it
  7. Wink Wink...Nudge Nudge!
  8. I'm told by the Spirit of a Dead Astroneer that SES is working on a 8x8 base Station that when covered with Coal and Ammonium makes a great Checker Board........ You don't have to trust Dead Astroneers because my oxygen is getting thin in the huge Helmet.......
  9. But come on Guy's and Gal's.... all those GLITCHES Encourage Exploration...... LOL
  10. I'm just fine with the worklight as it is... but would love to be able to plunk it down onto a tether as well....... But again I'm happy with it now......
  11. Put them on a Medium Storage and plunk on a Energy Nugget.... Boom. Put one on the top slot of your gun.....Boom..... nothing wrong with the work lights.....
  12. Have you experienced the underground storms yet? Just wait...............
  13. +1
  14. Did somebody say Space Turtle?
  15. But what is they are Hallucinations ....A defensive mechanism of an Intelligent Planet that gets upset when your astronaut shoes tickle its belly? Or its just that the fumes in your suit from lack of bathing is making you crazy?