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  1. Aluminum Projectiles

    How about a Crossbow Augment for the Terrain tool (Deformation GUN) that allows the Death and Destruction to all those Heathen God Forsaken Killer Plants ruining our ability to reap the rewards of EXO Corp. without messing up the Flat ground of our new world? After all 23ed Century Explorers cant be trusted with anything called a GUN because Suicide would become the Astroneer's first choice of life improvement after driving Trucks for a few more Patches............
  2. 201 - Game is now virtually unplayable

    201 destroyed my previous saves.... As for Rovers... 201 does all that stuff on totally new games after reloading 201 from stream on PC.
  3. Oxygen dome

    I would much rather have a more conventional Base Module that is a Huge Ass Dome... So big you build everything inside and park a bunch of vehicles inside. Cost.... 20-30 Aluminum, Compound and Resin.... Maybe 50-100. But then again...who wants something so practical.
  4. New update video... SES Vlog 17

    The Great part about a Forum is you can 100% Agree.... 100% Disagree or be anyway in-between and still be friends or Dead Astronomers' And Guys Ease up on the Red Bulls.... and Turn the Oxygen down on your suit.
  5. prior build or intentionally step back

    As a suggestion.... If you don't want the Shuttle, Large Shuttle, Trade Platform or Fuel Condenser in the Early Game.... Do not Research from the Red or Green Fuzzy Balls.... as those are the only Research you will get from Them..... ON THE OTHER HAND... If you do want those research do by all means Find Them.....
  6. Vehicle physics solved?!

    That's another thing..... My Trucks will not Tether to the base..... that really makes me CRAZY!
  7. Space Whales

    Turn The Oxygen Down!............ Pestiii.... Pretty cool huh?
  8. New update video... SES Vlog 17

    Hey Grey Mouser...... I pretty much agree with you across the board...... I feel SES is having enough problem making 1 version of the game work and perfect without making 2,3 or for that matter infinite versions with the Option Menu Smorgasbord that will surely come once version 1 is as the 3 bears said..... "Just Right!" Time Boy's.... All In Good Time..........
  9. Vehicle physics solved?!

    I find the Truck to be Nerfed to a horrible level...... I got 15 hours into Patch 201 since Friday.... Again Previous Saves are worthless and once crashes start they just ruin the old saves and keep hitting every 2 minutes..... I can accept that as Its Pre Alpha. Truck power seems to drain twice as fast.... Truck power is ridiculously low Again ( probably had to replace the motors with Space Gerbil's on treadmills ) ....I build smooth low angle ramps and in most cases still cant take a double truck loaded up said ramp. Also on many planets the trucks get stuck on tiny rocks and cant get off....... I find nearly everything is rendering in way to late to avoid getting affected by. One thing I really appreciate is the Vehicle drivers launching out of vehicles so as not to get killed every time exiting the vehicle.... KUDO's on that one guys 2 Thumbs Up!. We already went threw the Tethers hanging up vehicles in previous updates.... I really felt let down on that bug happening again. I also don't like the front end lift..... the Vehicle sinking threw the ground to its death and the Storm Crap blowing the Paper Truck again..... Lets hope those get fixed soon.
  10. Life

    How about a Pirate Mod.... Feed the Sarlac Resources and Get Gold, Silver and Gems..... The value of which gives Prestige Points..... LOL.... just screwing with your mind.....
  11. Rovers With Tank Tracks

    Pixel..... Are you implying that anything in this game in any way aligns with real science? The Giant Sand Crawler would probably move relatively slowly have big batteries and stop often to survey resources which might fit nicely into the Terrain for Resource theme.
  12. Research forest

    Would be nice if Trees dropped a nut or seed when a research pod dropped as well..... then we could plant our own forests
  13. The Storage Module

    Butchy's Storage Platform is a perfect solution and would be super easy to implement (I hope the Dev team is listening)
  14. Life

    Feed the Sarlac Organic and He ....She .....It.....Burps up Coal....... and makes a happy sound..............
  15. Rovers With Tank Tracks

    I still want my Jawa Sand Crawler.....HUGE in every way And just think about the fun making driveways to the deepest tunnels