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  1. KeeblerOrc

    Fatal Crash, Astro Crashes on Loading.

    Same thing has been happening to me.... In some cases I can start a new game but in all cases I cant open my main save.
  2. KeeblerOrc


    Isn't all this Scrap stuff just Garbage Posting.... ;}
  3. KeeblerOrc

    Update queuede.....

    I don't see the problem..... maybe its time to shift to De-Caff
  4. KeeblerOrc

    Welcome Chloe! (QA)

    Welcome Chloe.... What a attractive new team member.... but shouldn't you be wearing Blue Pajamas and a Helmet..... maybe a Deforming Tool? Ok...Ok... She's new around here.
  5. KeeblerOrc

    The Evolution of Astroneer (Video)

    Blue pajamas...… need I say more.
  6. KeeblerOrc

    Old Threads

    @bigessess.... Don't worry dude... I as well as many others on this forum totally get what your saying. Grey Matter (Brain cells] are getting very thin in space due to the lack of oxygen. To your point at the start of the Post.... yes some people on this forum have gone way out of their way to flame people, subjects and ideas they don't like... even to the point I have had to call the attention of the Moderators. To the Mods, thank you guys for the job that never really gets any add-a-boys. My suggestion is to look up how to block some peoples posts as they are always argumentative and negative in which to drag you into a fight. As a second note.... Just Post what you want... who cares anyway.... and if it is a problem the Mods will contact you to solve whatever the problem is.
  7. KeeblerOrc

    Help me understand the Small Rover.

    @Gray Mouser...…………. Really Dude? Gray states in the above post: "If you don't like the direction the team is taking the game, you are NOT required to play it. So don't. Don't you DARE come on here, insult the team with ignorance, and try to demand that they make the game the way YOU want it, or you WILL get the sharp end of the stick. Play the game you currently have in any way you want. Why should I care? But don't try to ruin MY way of playing the same game. If it's gonna be ruined, the dev team will do that all on their own, and don't need outside help. Sigh. </rant>" You really Think I care what you think after a STUPID Comment like that.... Really "Sharp End Of a Stick"..... Threatening somebody on a Forum?... Because that's the way you are? You know this is the very reason my friends wont let their kids participate on this forum. I think you need to asses your statement and apologize accordingly. I would understand a 14 year old acting like such but not an adult.
  8. KeeblerOrc

    Dead Astroneers

    That's funny.... I just leave the O2 tanks behind... I keep 2 on my Astrodude or vehicle and a couple more at the base... all found on the dead. I believe that when you Spawn a new game a bunch of random factors are established leading to FDAdS. (Funky Dead AstroDude Syndrome)…. caused by drinking Fermented Hooch made from Space Snail Poop
  9. KeeblerOrc

    Help me understand the Small Rover.

    I agree 100% @Listatta M is spot on! The is a Forum.... It's intention is to comment not bully.... Go play the rovers on Arid and Exotic..... I had to build them deep underground and they still got blown against the walls.... drive them outside and just have to abandon them as they blow away
  10. KeeblerOrc

    Is it just me?

    Just because the Dev Team stated something doesn't mean it will stick.... all they would have to do is make the regen terrain produce less or take longer to refill. And the concept that they were only introduced to solve some overwhelming problem smells of cow droppings. The funny part to me is when I look at videos of the early stages of the games development and all the really cool stuff that has been dropped or neglected and every patch just replaces semi solved problems with bigger problems from past patches.... I still love the game but I fully understand the negative comments my friends state about which. I just occasionally remind the Dev's that there are features "I" would like to see returned even if it falls on deaf ears. I would encourage at this stage of development that everybody says what they'd like to see returned/changed/removed …..after all that's what a Forum is for.
  11. KeeblerOrc

    In search of new challenges

    Look up my name on Stream
  12. KeeblerOrc

    In search of new challenges

    I just exceeded 1800 Hours in game and 4.6million research.... You can do it Dude... you can Do It! I went to the core of Terrain and Exotic and mined crap loads of Astronium for research.... at one point running 34 Research Platforms at a time..... That was fun... My current "Dare Everybody" is to drive against the wind on Arid around the equator in a Buggy with only what's in your backpack and the Buggy.... Sound easy? Have Fun
  13. I am with you 1000%... Yes 10x 100% because it's that Good an Idea! My Astroneer Finds an Old Lamp...….. Deep in the Cave's.... Rubs it and POOOF! a Genie Appears….. " I am the Genie of the lamp , I grant you 3 wish's" ….WOW my Fat Space Suited little guy thinks...…….."My first Wish is that.... It wasn't so lonely in space" ….BOOM! Multiplayer works great..... "My second wish is a Folding Dune Buggy"... BOOM! the Dune buggy and its load folds to a 2 slot item...….. "My third wish...Ahhhhhhhhhhhh"… As my Fat Suited little guy falls threw the ground and sinks to the core Dead. Moral of the story is 2 fold..... 1) Should have been faster on those Wishes.... and 2) You don't really think the Dev's would let a Genie ruin their plans do you?
  14. KeeblerOrc

    Help me understand the Small Rover.

    I am at a lose as to what the Dev's are doing as well as thinking.... Nerfing the Batteries of the Rover and Truck is in the nicest terms I can use Retarded, they are not so terrible on Terrain or its moon but on windy planets like Arid and Exotic it's more like Suicide. Add to that the Horrible understeering and under torque of all vehicles as well as feather like weight in the wind is asinine. I really do like the Buggy as a vehicle … but try driving one on Arid where it gets blown around like a leaf. And Add to that Add that something as simple as a Hard Break that locks the vehicle in Park still being impossible in the 26th century...????? Do I love the Game.... Yes... I just reached 1800 Hours... not a bad investment for $20 But I also bought this game for one of my best friends and 4 kids in the family/friend group who have all given up on Astroneer. My friend who recently told me how frustrated she is at the lack of solving problems and repeating them every patch is pretty hard for me to defend. I just keep telling everybody to hang in there as time often solves these problems. Something I believe would solve many of these problems is the Dev's actually playing the game.... in one stream Joe even stated how few hours of play he has in game and that half of that is from being away from the computer..... Which explains A lot! @Chepelink and the rest of the Guy's in Forum.... Just hang in there and be patient.
  15. KeeblerOrc

    Tiny Cursor Steam 7.0

    Maybe they could create a variable size and shape control sliders in the options menu…..