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  1. Bug with Backpack

    215 or 221?
  2. Undefined purple item

    I have almost 1400 hours and have only seen it dropped from the cave fishers. and the shape is different as well as the color and the name and description and it now does nothing.
  3. Can't research truck

    Try more Red or Green Fuzzy balls...........
  4. Any idea what is this used for?

    Ice Fishing?
  5. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    Flying trucks are back.... get back to base fully loaded on Arid ....turn my back a the D*$m trucks gone to the junkyard in the sky...... I blame it on Aliens that have taken control of SES and ExoCorp.
  6. Arid planets no Resin on them?

    That was a great game
  7. The terra forming feature has been altered#

    @Youngskywalker567 It's a new feature not everybody likes.... But it kind of grows on you.... Once you get use to the Soil as Resource / Soil Extractor mechanics of the game you might see why SES did it. We have a bunch of kids in the family that play Astroneer and only 2 out of 7 like it, given they are the older kids wanting a bit more challenge..... the younger kids in my opinion like the unlimited sandbox creativity of the old game. I kind of hope when the game gets into its release date that they will have all kinds of modes to play so everybody gets what they like. Sense this is a suggestion area .... I suggest you give it some time and see if it grows on you.... It did for me.
  8. Hey Utopic.... I'm glad you got a tiny bit of what I was saying.... and I am "concerned" that your soap box is not rated for that much load. (I'll insert a LOL or Cheers so it seems less serious or painful). We have had many, many posts by some really intelligent people wanting the Trade Platform removed from the game.... most of that was when we could farm Hydrazine and sell it..... was it an abused game mechanic.... In my opinion no... because it got many people to play the game.... did it promote that pioneering spirit..... probably as much as the Soil Extractor does now.... do I want any of those functions removed...."NO" I want to see them in a start up options menu. Back to ThePlumbGates original post.... I would love to see his idea in the Startup Options.......
  9. Last Night I was one of 6 players in Multiplayer with One Last Midnight.... Midnight Was able to Start our game on any planet we chose. One Last Midnight is supposed to be streaming games all week and posting to YouTube.... As an even bigger tease I just saw his YouTube telling us how to change game setting to do it.... Midnight gave a delicious shout out to SES Joe for providing him with this information and if you watch Midnights Videos on 6 or more player games I am sure you will send SES Joe a Roar of AstroHappieness......... Big Thanks to One Last Midnight for including me in the antics and a Huge Astro Hug to SES Joe and the Dev Team for lots of hard work! Go look up One Last Midnight on YouTube to see for yourself.
  10. If you want the game to promote Exploration and resource management then Do away with Soil as a Resource.... Every game we have played with it has forced the who team to sit in one place and dig holes..... Utopic..... Like you said its your opinion you have states...... and many of us have similar opinions.... I for one of many Disagree I have played over 1300 hours in this game and can tell you 100% certain that if the game was limited to the point you state I wouldn't have put more than 200 hours in to it. More options are vastly better than limiting the game.... A side note any Game Developer that demands a player play their way and only their way is probably missing out on a great deal of life, in and out of the game. When the Game gets further along I hope to see a starting game menu that allows players to turn on and off any of 100 settings and play how ever they want.
  11. Arid planets no Resin on them?

    Found resin on Arid a half hour ago..... its there
  12. The second option does not leave a new vehicle parked in the Vehicle Bay. Who would have all those resources to trade.... DUH? Who sent you there.... EXOCorp..... those little guys in space suits didn't just pop out of the ground. I really don't like it when people want to limit how everybody else plays a game.... For Zebra Balls Sake...... more options are vastly better..... often I play with other people and we sometimes decide on self imposed rules like Iron Man or only sediment after the first of each kind besides that needed for a Sediment Extractor.... I would never try to tell people that's the only way the game works or they don't "Realize" how the game should be played.
  13. Sign's for orientation

    For the Love of The Stone Duck Gods..... I hope the Dev's implement this.......
  14. Planetarium Module (see image)

  15. If you don't want the Trade Platform Entirely just don't use it. I like ThePlumGates Idea as an option. I also like a Post from a while back where one of the guys suggested a player being able to ride the Trade Rocket to a Different planet where a Trade Platform exists.